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17 October 2017

Little Play Town!

It is always a struggle to find somewhere new and exciting to go with Mia, that will hold her attention and will really enjoy. I usually find myself searching online for places that aren’t too far away and that won’t break the bank either!

Recently my Uncle was doing some work in a play centre that was due to open in a nearby village, called Little Play Town, so he invited us over to take a little sneak peak. I was so impressed from the moment I walked in, it wasn’t like your usual play centres, dark and an over stimulating buzz of colour. It was light and airy and laid out with beautiful clear murals on some of the walls.

This isn’t just your usual soft play centre, it’s all about imaginative play. Little Play Town is just what it says it is, a little play town, children can be whatever they want, from hairdressers to farmers and firefighters. Mia instantly loved it, she loves role play and dressing up. Within moments we were both playing shops and being vets, I couldn't help but want to get involved.

Little Play Town the perfect place for children to express themselves, explore and have fun while learning and discovering new things. Role play can play such a huge part in children's learning helping them to express feeling and make sense of real-life situations.

You can book an hour and a half play session online or chance it by just turning up but you aren't guaranteed to be able to play because of the limited places during each session. As a result of the limited spaces during the play sessions, when you arrive you aren't going to find an overcrowded play centre which it's nice to know. Not only that they do a great cup of coffee and even a selection of cakes, so us mums can sit back and relax, while the kids get exploring!

We loved Little Play Town and I am sure that you would too, so why not head over and book yourselves into one of the four play sessions. I have already booked another visit over half term as it's the perfect place for a playdate. I would love to hear what you think too.

Thanks for reading.


Chrissy & Mia x

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