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10 September 2017

Buying School Uniform!

With Mia starting school I have had the excitement of having to plan all her uniform and deciding what we wanted her to wear and where to buy it from. We have been lucky enough that we don't have to buy Mia's school uniform directly from the school, so straight away that saves a lot of money and opens up a lot of possibilities. I ended up picking up pieces of Mia's uniform from here, there and everywhere. It is surprising how many things she actually needs for starting school, what with her uniform and her pe kit.

Extra Uniform and PE Kit
Black Plimsoles - Morrisons - £3.00
Tracksuit Top & Bottoms - Primark - £8.00

I was really impressed with the array of options for school uniform when I started looking at places to buy Mia's, most places were really affordable and great quality as well. I was pleased with all of the different places we bought things, in the end, to put together her full first school uniform.

Is there a particular place you purchase the kid's school stuff from or are you like me and end up getting things from here and there?

Lots of Love

Chrissy x


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