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29 March 2017

Tea & Biscuits Anyone

One thing that Mia and I both agree on is a sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two in the afternoon while having a cuddle and watching a little bit of tv. This could be after playgroup or if she isn't at playgroup just the late afternoon before I head off to work. I have to admit we have been through a lot of different kinds of biscuits, and of course, we have our favourites, some of them being a few of the classics, Rich Teas, Custard Creams, Jammie Doggers. Until recently when while at Grandma and Grandad's we had some of these, Digestive Thins! Oh my oh my, these are a game changer!

Yes, you have to eat a few more of them to feel like you have munched your way through enough biscuits while drinking your tea, but that is definitely not a hardship. This particular pack of digestive thins are milk chocolate with cappuccino, now I am not a lover of coffee flavoured things but this is a really subtle flavour and they are so moreish! I also came across some of the oreo thins and they were on offer so we stocked up on a few boxes of those too!

What are your favourite biscuits to get tucked into?!

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