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20 March 2017

Mum's You Are Not Alone!

Being a mum is hard and I don't even mean the bit about bringing up a child! Everything changes, for me a lot of my friends were in different stages of their lives or had older children. I had friends at work that I would see every day then suddenly they are gone. There are so many opportunities to make friends as a mum but at the same time, it seems a million times more daunting than when I was back at school.

I have always been really shy when it comes to making new friends and introducing myself, so the idea of just walking up to another mum and introducing myself at soft play, in the playground or at the park is actually terrifying for me. I often see mums stood chatting to one another outside Mia's playgroup or in the park and however silly it may sound I have stood there wondering how I could get involved or what it would be like to have another mum or two to stand and just chat to. When I say it out loud it sounds completely crazy and I think why don't I just talk to them and get involved!


15 March 2017

Last Minute Outfits with Simply Be*

We have all been through that moment when you are invited out, whether that be going out to a family party or out with friends or a meal or even a date with a special someone, but you have nothing to wear! Don't panic, girls I have the answer! No more dragging everything out of your wardrobe and trying to piece something together, you don't really love. No more trying to squeeze in time to run to the shops on your lunch break the next day!

Jump on to the Simply Be website and pick from a huge selection of party wear and going out tops from sizes 10-32! There is something for everyone and a great mix of both casual and party wear! Plus you can get next day delivery if you order before 10.00pm!


06 March 2017


When you are out and about and running about with a toddler, you still want to be able to capture those moments. I always end up dropping my phone while trying to take pictures and usual not on the softest of grounds! Then recently, I came across Popsockets, they are brilliant!


03 March 2017

Wonderfit Jeans

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. You know the kind that fit in all of the right places rather than all of the wrong ones. Considering I am not the tallest of people, and definitely do not have the easiest of body shapes, I honestly thought that I would never find a pair of jeans that actually fitted me. They are either too long, the skinny ones are too skinny, or they give you extra lumps in all the wrong places. Now I know I am not the only one to feel like this, am I right!?

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