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26 September 2016

Wet Wednesdays Raincoat!

Last Saturday we headed over to the Berkshire County Show for a family day out. It was great fun, with loads to see and do, but the weather wasn't all that great! It was pretty chilly and kept raining on and off.  This was when I realised Mia doesn't have a fully waterproof raincoat! Luckily for us, while we were browsing the stalls we came across the Wet Wednesdays stall. Wet Wednesdays is a UK family run business based in South Wales. I had never heard of them before but I was really impressed with the quality of each and every one of their items. Which is why I really wanted to share them with you.

We knew Mia needed a raincoat for playgroup, as Autumn and Winter are closing in, but I wanted something that was going to last her and keep her warm and dry not something that was just shower proof. Wet Wednesdays seemed to have the perfect supply, from all in ones to coats and two pieces.  Not only were there a lot of options for style, there was plenty of different designs to suit every little person's personality. For Mia, we decided on the black dot fleece lined coat.

Mia's coat is 100% waterproof and it is also machine washable. Which if you're a parent you will know that is hugely positive, at least after they run off and jump in that neck-deep puddle, you told them two seconds before not to jump in, you can throw it in the washing machine afterwards. The hood is peaked but just enough to stop them getting rain on their face, and it is also removable. It is elasticated at the cuffs and along the bottom as well. You can also get matching waterproof trousers that go with any of the coats, great for puddle splashing.

Do you have a small person that could really do with a good quality waterproof coat? Head over and check Wet Wednesdays out! Plus right now they are offering First Class Delivery Free for a limited time!

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