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26 September 2016

Wet Wednesdays Raincoat!

Last Saturday we headed over to the Berkshire County Show for a family day out. It was great fun, with loads to see and do, but the weather wasn't all that great! It was pretty chilly and kept raining on and off.  This was when I realised Mia doesn't have a fully waterproof raincoat! Luckily for us, while we were browsing the stalls we came across the Wet Wednesdays stall. Wet Wednesdays is a UK family run business based in South Wales. I had never heard of them before but I was really impressed with the quality of each and every one of their items. Which is why I really wanted to share them with you.


21 September 2016

Instant Fix Proactiv+Concealer *

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know I have been on a really long journey with my skin. I have suffered for what seems like forever with acne on my face and back. A while back I was offered the chance to try out the proactiv+ system and it worked wonders for me and I actually ended up with really clear, pain-free skin. A couple of weeks back I received an email from Proactiv+  asking if I would like to try a new product they were releasing, a concealer. Of course, I jumped at the chance as I still suffer from quite bad breakouts at that time of the month.

Proactiv+ works so closely with your skin, I knew I shouldn't expect just any old concealer. Unlike concealers from makeup brands, proactiv+ would want to fight to help you improve the quality of your skin not just hide and cover it up. The instant fix concealer is formulated with spot fighting salicylic acid, to treat blemishes while you're hiding them away.


02 September 2016

The Other Kingdom - Nickelodeon*

Here in the UK, it is currently the school summer holidays. This means 6 weeks of time off for all children from the ages of 4-18 years. it is definitely hard work keeping a little person occupied and happy, so we are always looking for new things to keep us entertained.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Nickelodeon, to ask if I wanted to join them in celebrating the launch of their new live-action series. The Other Kingdom. It follows the journey of a fairy princess that has to choose between being a fairy princess and becoming a human. Nickelodeon wanted to send me a gift box, with all the materials and accessories needed to transform into a beautiful fairy princess.

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