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23 August 2016

New Online Glasses*

If you wear glasses, you will understand when it comes round to having to replace a pair, it's not always that easy. I have had the same pair of glasses for a good few years now and they have been through a lot! The last year I have been wearing them with two different arms on them and everyone but me has been sick of seeing me wearing them. But I just love the glasses frames! I couldn't bring myself to actually replace them.

Then I was contacted by GlassesShop.com, an online glasses store, asking if I wanted to try out a pair of their glasses. I knew that I really shouldn't say no, so I spent a couple of days scrolling backwards and forwards through the site trying to decide on the right pair for me. When I had finally decided, I messaged them back and ordered my new glasses. Yes, I realise that the glasses frames are so unbelievably similar, but I had been searching high and low for a pair that was the same for so long!

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