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19 July 2016

Relax with Nügg Face Masks*

If there is one thing that I really enjoy, it's when I actually get a chance to lay back and relax. I mean who doesn't but I haven't had much of chance to do this lately, with everything going on. That feeling of not being in a rush, and being able to just unwind and breath for a moment. (Preferably in silence too, not that it is ever possible with a 3-year-old running about.) Just before we moved, I received a parcel from a company called Nügg. I have been following Nügg beauty for quite some time, they specialise in single pod Face Masks which I love. In my package was two of their single pod face masks, De-stress, and Soothing.

I couldn't wait to run myself a nice hot bubble bath, and sit back and enjoy one of these new face masks. I love that they are in individual packs, so there's no product wastage. The first one I tried was the Soothing face mask, which is Shea Butter and Chamomile extracts. This mask can also be used as a sleep mask or an after-sun mask for anywhere on the body. After having my relaxing bath and leaving the mask on for about 10 minutes, my skin felt amazing! It was so soft and smooth.

Nügg has recently started supplying the UK from America, which is perfect timing. I would recommend all of the Nügg products, to anyone, I think they are brilliant. They are perfect for travelling with being so small and compact, and the size of them definitely doesn't affect the quality of the product. I went out and bought myself some of the other masks available as well, as you can't go wrong with treating our skin once and a while!

Have you tried any of the Nügg Face Masks?  I really want to try out the Depuff Eye Mask next.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love

*This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. The opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and completely my own. These products are not for everyone and not every will have the same experience as me.

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