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19 July 2016

Relax with Nügg Face Masks*

If there is one thing that I really enjoy, it's when I actually get a chance to lay back and relax. I mean who doesn't but I haven't had much of chance to do this lately, with everything going on. That feeling of not being in a rush, and being able to just unwind and breath for a moment. (Preferably in silence too, not that it is ever possible with a 3-year-old running about.) Just before we moved, I received a parcel from a company called Nügg. I have been following Nügg beauty for quite some time, they specialise in single pod Face Masks which I love. In my package was two of their single pod face masks, De-stress, and Soothing.


15 July 2016

Wrigley's Extra - The lost smile Giveaway*

It feels good being here, sat back in front of my laptop ready to write. We have had so much going on, I decided I would take a little break, that week turned into a few weeks. Then I just didn't know where to start again. Now I'm back, with a little giveaway! Recently Wrigley's Extra contacted me, they have just released their first children's book, called "The Lost Smile". The Lost Smile was created to help teach adults and children the importance of smiling, it also includes some top oral hygiene tips.


08 July 2016

Are you using out of date make up!?

Most of us have a bag of makeup stashed away that we don't really use, but just can't come to throw it away. I sure know I do, I have a box full of makeup I have collected over the years that I always think, oh I might use this one day so I won't get rid of it. Did you know most of us are probably using out of date makeup on a daily basis! When I started really looking into the use by dates of makeup products, I was really surprised everything from your foundation to your lipstick has an expiration date!

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