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08 April 2016

Becoming a mum...*

I was recently contacted by Dettol to see if I wanted to join them in sharing a new campaign called "Get the World Ready". It focuses on a touching new series on their YouTube channel which follows real women, Becoming a mum, on their journey from pregnancy to nursery.

Mia will be three in August but to me it still feels like yesterday I was pregnant with her and I was going through all those emotions, feeling excited, nervous and also terrified all at the same time. I don't think it matters whether it is your first baby or you have been through it all before, each time is different, new and exciting. There is nothing better than supporting one another and sharing all of our own experiences.

Pregnancy was really enjoyable, most of the time for me, other than the normal aches and pain we all go through. Towards the end, I remember packing and unpacking and then packing again my hospital bag! First I would think I didn't have enough, then I would decide I needed more! I had it laid out all over the floor in little piles. I just felt like I needed to be completely prepared for everything, not only for me but for my bump and for my boyfriend! I even ended up packing him a snack bag with drinks, crisps, sweets the lot in and had it with my hospital bag, not that he couldn't have looked after himself! I wanted the house clean and everything organised, cupboards, our room, the baby's room everywhere, I swear it became like an obsession!

I remember feeling so nervous about giving birth, not knowing what to expect, I listened to so many stories, some that didn't make not knowing any better! All I would say now, to anyone that is expecting is to not get set in your mind an exact birthing plan that you want to follow as you may be disappointed and also to expect the unexpected! I had all my whole birthing plan planned from top to bottom, I wanted a water birth and not to have an epidural. I had it all planned out in my mind as well as written out on paper! (That's when my ocd planning came into action!) However my birth with Mia, was so quick, and I mean I almost had her between two cars in the hospital car park. I was only in labour for a few hours, before actually giving birth and didn't have time to have ANY pain relief, other than the hour of TENS machine I had before going to hospital. Even when I was being told I was ready to push, I was going on about having my birthing plan out! My whole pregnancy I was being told, "It's your first baby be prepared to be in labour for a very long time.", so getting told your ready to push the moment you get to hospital was actually pretty scary, I didn't feel like I had prepared myself in my mind for that.

I had to stay over night so when we finally got to go home, it sunk in how scary that was going to be. Mia was so tiny and the moment I put her in her car seat it was like she disappeared. The whole drive home, I sat in the back next her, every bump and each time Dixie had to break I was terrified! I would sit for hours hold her and just watching her breathing, sleeping and even hiccuping! She was like this beautiful, tiny, fragile little bundle. There is so much that goes through your mind as a new mum and every moment feels magical but scary all at the same time.

Then I sit and look at the little girl smiling and giggling at me today and I can't believe she's growing up into such a lovely little lady so quickly. She loves going to playgroup and playing in the park, singing along to every word of Frozen. I can have a full conversation with her and she cuddles me and tells me she loves me.

I have loved every moment from becoming a mum to being a mum, and I can't wait to keep on protecting my little one each day. Dettol can help us do that as well protecting them from the germs around us. Dettol are helping mum's get the world ready for their babies with a range of anti-bacterial products that are suitable for use in baby contact areas.

Head over to the Dettol Youtube page to watch some of the other videos in the campaign. I'd love if you would share your memories of getting the world ready for your baby in the comments or over on the Dettol twitter page. #gettheworldready @DettolUKParents

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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