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19 February 2016

Wildlife Week At Wyevale Garden Centre*

This last week has been half term in the UK, which means all of the kids are off school, and playgroup etc. It's a frustrating time as you want to spend time with your little ones and have fun but everywhere is usually so busy and full of ALOT of children. I was trying to come up with lots of ideas, of different things we could get up to, when I received an email from the Andover Wyevale Garden Centre. During half term it was Wildlife Week at Wyevale garden Centres, and Mia and I were invited to join them on one of their activity sessions.

Wildlife week at Wyevale Garden Centre was on for the whole of half term week and there was a different activity on each day. All adults attend free and children are priced from £2.50-£5.00 per child depending on the activity you decide to attend, the children's picnic lunch was also discounted when you attend. You are able to pre-book online both the activity and the picnic lunch so not to miss out. We decided to go on the Tuesday which was a Pollination Station day.

When we arrived I was really impressed the two ladies that were running the activity they were so lovely and friendly, plus they interacted with Mia straight away, asking her name and where she would like to sit. They were really prepared, with aprons and brushes.

Our activity was painting a flower-pot and filling it with soil and seeds then cutting out a bug shape and decorating it for putting in our  flower-pot. We had great fun and Mia loved all the praise she was getting! I am not sure who had more fun, daddy or Mia! The only negative I can honestly have was that it was outside, it was undercover, just very cold so we had to wrap up.

What do you think of Mia's finished flower-pot?

Once we had finished Mia's flower-pot we headed into the restaurant to warm up and have something to eat, Mia also go her picnic lunch box in there. I was also really surprised as usually when you go for the kids lunch boxes, there isn't that much to pick from for the five items, and this ends up being difficult as Mia doesn't eat sandwiches, (don't ask me why her dad is the same!). However they had a lot to choice from including: Sandwiches, Grapes, Jelly, Carrot and Cucumber sticks, A Gingerbread man, Crisp, and much more.

If you are stuck during the next school holidays for something to do with the kids, I couldn't recommend having a look around for these activity days from our local garden centres, as it was really inexpensive and great fun. Mia and I give it a huge thumbs up, and we will attend more in the future.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff that we encountered atWildlife Week at Wyevale Garden Centre, Andover, everyone was so helpful and really lovely. Thank you for having us as well because we have a really great time.

What activities have you got up to during half term?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love




  1. It was lovely to meet you and Mia (& daddy of course) ?
    Thankyou for comming to see us, we would love to see a picture of Mias flowers when they have grown x love from Paula and Bea x

  2. My pleasure, we had so much fun and we will be sure to send a picture over! ?


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