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12 January 2016

Victoria Secret Sleep Wear!

I have always seen a lot of people raving about Victoria Secret, whether it was for their underwear, clothing, sleep wear, or even beauty products. We don't have one in our local shopping centres, and the once in a while I have found one, nothing has really jumped out at me shouting "buy me!".

Just before christmas I was browsing the website and decided I really loved their sleep wear and too my surprise, for christmas, my boyfriends mum brought me two of their Angel Sleep Tees! I got a pink and grey dot and strip one and an angel logo one. She brought them for me in a size small, which was just right, as a medium would have been too big and I'm not sure but an extra small might of fitted too well, especially for sleep wear, as I would much rather be really relaxed and cosy in it.

After I opened them, I was so excited to get home and jump into bed with one on, they felt so super soft! They are so comfortable to wear at night, I love them, first thing I realised was that I had never slept in long sleeve pyjamas, it makes such a difference, I was so warm and cosy.

What is you favourite Victoria Secret item?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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