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16 January 2016

Frends Headphones

When I received these Frends Headphones for Christmas I knew straight away that they would appear in one of my next blog posts. I am so in love with these headphone, they are so pretty. They are made by a company called FrendsI had asked for some headphones for Christmas because I am always sat in the evenings, once Mia is tucked up in bed, on my phone or my laptop watching YouTube or Netflix. All I told my boyfriend was that I wanted some that weren't huge and some that were girly. (I think he did good don't you!?)

He not only brought me the White, Layla, Rose Gold Headphones but he also got me some interchangeable caps in mother of pearl and oil slick. I think these are such a great idea as you're able to customise your headphones to you and whatever you like. They sell two sizes in their headphones, Taylor which are the slightly larger headphones and Layla which are the smaller one, these are the ones which he brought for me.

Since I received these I have pretty much been taking them everywhere with me, they fold up and fit into a small black case, (shame that it isn't white, if I'm being picky). The wire is really nice it doesn't tangle up as it is more like a cord material rather than the rubber ones you can get that end up completely twisted and tangled up, when you pack them in your bag.

The first thing my boyfriend had to say was they might look pretty but the sound quality might not be that great on them, but he was wrong I was really impressed, for the kind of things I use headphones for they are perfect for me. They are clear and there is no fuzziness to them, and they block out background noise as well. Yes ok, if you're a music/sound wiz maybe they aren't all that but for your average person they are amazing. Plus they are so comfortable to wear as well as they have a padded on-ear memory foam cushions to mold to the shape of your ears.

I couldn't recommend these headphones anymore, I love them so much and they are so well made. Have you every tried any of the Frends Products?

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