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16 January 2016

Frends Headphones

When I received these Frends Headphones for Christmas I knew straight away that they would appear in one of my next blog posts. I am so in love with these headphone, they are so pretty. They are made by a company called FrendsI had asked for some headphones for Christmas because I am always sat in the evenings, once Mia is tucked up in bed, on my phone or my laptop watching YouTube or Netflix. All I told my boyfriend was that I wanted some that weren't huge and some that were girly. (I think he did good don't you!?)


12 January 2016

Victoria Secret Sleep Wear!

I have always seen a lot of people raving about Victoria Secret, whether it was for their underwear, clothing, sleep wear, or even beauty products. We don't have one in our local shopping centres, and the once in a while I have found one, nothing has really jumped out at me shouting "buy me!".

Just before christmas I was browsing the website and decided I really loved their sleep wear and too my surprise, for christmas, my boyfriends mum brought me two of their Angel Sleep Tees! I got a pink and grey dot and strip one and an angel logo one. She brought them for me in a size small, which was just right, as a medium would have been too big and I'm not sure but an extra small might of fitted too well, especially for sleep wear, as I would much rather be really relaxed and cosy in it.


05 January 2016

A Boost Of Skin Confidence - Proactiv Review! *

A little while back I posted about my New Daily Skin Routine, if you haven't read it already I have linked it for you, this was a Proactiv+ review which was ten week course using the 3 step Proactiv+ System.  I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about changing my routines again but really I had nothing to lose, I was suffering from painful under the skin spots, that were red raw and just appeared swollen and horrible. In my first post, I touched on how having adult acne, and struggling so much with my skin since having Mia, was effecting my confidence. I hated stepping out the house without any make-up on, it made me feel like people were looking at me and I felt gross and dirty. Even though I know that acne has nothing to do with being dirty and unclean. Well...I have just completed my ten week course using the Proactiv+ products that I was sent to trial.

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