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13 December 2016

Girls Gift Guide

There is nothing worse than trying to get organised for Christmas but just having no ideas of what to get anyone. I have put together a little girls gift guide for the girls in your life, or maybe I should say for the guys in your life.


12 December 2016

Facetox Clay Mask!*

There is nothing better than heading home after a busy day and climbing into the bath with a face mask. I have recently found my favourite mask, to sink into the bubbles with. The Facetox  Clay Masks! I have finally felt like my acne has been under control recently and have only been suffering from the odd breakout here and there. I am not saying that it has improved because of using these face masks, but I am saying they have defiantly helped to balance my skin out.


11 November 2016

School At Four!

While there is a part of me that is glad the long summer holidays are over, and Mia is back at playgroup. It makes me pretty sad and really nervous. Even though Mia has only just turned three, this time, next year she will be a month into her first year at infant school. As Mia is a summer baby, born the end of August, in the UK, She is expected to start infant school at the age of four where as a lot of her school friends will be almost a whole year older than her. I know there are a lot of other children in the same boat as her, but all that I can continue to think is that they are far too little.


31 October 2016

Christmas Jumpers at Matalan!*

Before you all think I have gone completely crazy, I know that it is October! However, the Christmas countdown is on. So, I have teamed up with Matalan for their Christmas campaign!  This year, we've gone and got the whole family involved! I was lucky enough to be sent out pictures of Matalan's full Christmas jumper range for this year and asked to select one for each of us! I mean who doesn't love a good Christmas jumper!

We have all been so excited to receive them, and now we have them we can not wait for December to come around so we can start wearing them out in public, not just indoors! Matalan has got a wonderful selection of Christmas jumpers this year, ranging from the perfect jumpers for Christmas lovers to the Christmas bar humbuggers!


14 October 2016

Gees Restaurant Fleet

There has been a new restaurant open in the small town where we live, called Gee's. It has been set up by two lads and is a new style American diner. I had been following the reviews and keeping up with what everyone was saying about it for a couple of weeks. In that short time, there was nothing but huge praise for everyone at Gees. So, of course, we had to head down and check it new for ourselves. I hadn't actually planned to be doing a blog post on this but I really couldn't not, share it with you.

26 September 2016

Wet Wednesdays Raincoat!

Last Saturday we headed over to the Berkshire County Show for a family day out. It was great fun, with loads to see and do, but the weather wasn't all that great! It was pretty chilly and kept raining on and off.  This was when I realised Mia doesn't have a fully waterproof raincoat! Luckily for us, while we were browsing the stalls we came across the Wet Wednesdays stall. Wet Wednesdays is a UK family run business based in South Wales. I had never heard of them before but I was really impressed with the quality of each and every one of their items. Which is why I really wanted to share them with you.


21 September 2016

Instant Fix Proactiv+Concealer *

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know I have been on a really long journey with my skin. I have suffered for what seems like forever with acne on my face and back. A while back I was offered the chance to try out the proactiv+ system and it worked wonders for me and I actually ended up with really clear, pain-free skin. A couple of weeks back I received an email from Proactiv+  asking if I would like to try a new product they were releasing, a concealer. Of course, I jumped at the chance as I still suffer from quite bad breakouts at that time of the month.

Proactiv+ works so closely with your skin, I knew I shouldn't expect just any old concealer. Unlike concealers from makeup brands, proactiv+ would want to fight to help you improve the quality of your skin not just hide and cover it up. The instant fix concealer is formulated with spot fighting salicylic acid, to treat blemishes while you're hiding them away.


02 September 2016

The Other Kingdom - Nickelodeon*

Here in the UK, it is currently the school summer holidays. This means 6 weeks of time off for all children from the ages of 4-18 years. it is definitely hard work keeping a little person occupied and happy, so we are always looking for new things to keep us entertained.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Nickelodeon, to ask if I wanted to join them in celebrating the launch of their new live-action series. The Other Kingdom. It follows the journey of a fairy princess that has to choose between being a fairy princess and becoming a human. Nickelodeon wanted to send me a gift box, with all the materials and accessories needed to transform into a beautiful fairy princess.


23 August 2016

New Online Glasses*

If you wear glasses, you will understand when it comes round to having to replace a pair, it's not always that easy. I have had the same pair of glasses for a good few years now and they have been through a lot! The last year I have been wearing them with two different arms on them and everyone but me has been sick of seeing me wearing them. But I just love the glasses frames! I couldn't bring myself to actually replace them.

Then I was contacted by GlassesShop.com, an online glasses store, asking if I wanted to try out a pair of their glasses. I knew that I really shouldn't say no, so I spent a couple of days scrolling backwards and forwards through the site trying to decide on the right pair for me. When I had finally decided, I messaged them back and ordered my new glasses. Yes, I realise that the glasses frames are so unbelievably similar, but I had been searching high and low for a pair that was the same for so long!


19 July 2016

Relax with Nügg Face Masks*

If there is one thing that I really enjoy, it's when I actually get a chance to lay back and relax. I mean who doesn't but I haven't had much of chance to do this lately, with everything going on. That feeling of not being in a rush, and being able to just unwind and breath for a moment. (Preferably in silence too, not that it is ever possible with a 3-year-old running about.) Just before we moved, I received a parcel from a company called Nügg. I have been following Nügg beauty for quite some time, they specialise in single pod Face Masks which I love. In my package was two of their single pod face masks, De-stress, and Soothing.


15 July 2016

Wrigley's Extra - The lost smile Giveaway*

It feels good being here, sat back in front of my laptop ready to write. We have had so much going on, I decided I would take a little break, that week turned into a few weeks. Then I just didn't know where to start again. Now I'm back, with a little giveaway! Recently Wrigley's Extra contacted me, they have just released their first children's book, called "The Lost Smile". The Lost Smile was created to help teach adults and children the importance of smiling, it also includes some top oral hygiene tips.


08 July 2016

Are you using out of date make up!?

Most of us have a bag of makeup stashed away that we don't really use, but just can't come to throw it away. I sure know I do, I have a box full of makeup I have collected over the years that I always think, oh I might use this one day so I won't get rid of it. Did you know most of us are probably using out of date makeup on a daily basis! When I started really looking into the use by dates of makeup products, I was really surprised everything from your foundation to your lipstick has an expiration date!


13 May 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Must Haves

It is that time of year again Spring/Summer 2016 Must Haves!, even if the weather is currently really confused. We are heading toward the summer months, hopefully full of fun, smiles, giggles and summer sun. This time of year always makes me feel so much better than then winter month, I feel more positive and like a glow of happiness grows over me. I wanted to once again share with you, my Spring/Summer 2016 Must Haves! I have tried to throw in a little bit of everything with some fashion, kids, homeware and beauty.


10 May 2016

Rose Gold Converse!

A few months ago my boyfriend had pointed out some really pretty rose gold converse, I said they were really nice and never really thought anymore of it. Then I came home one day too Mia being extreme excitable and telling me to close my eyes. He had only spend weeks trying to get my awkward size 3.5, and then when they were finally available he brought them for me! Ek...I was so excited! I couldn't wait to share them with you.


20 April 2016

Models Own Nail Varnishes Haul!

I have been walking past my local Models Own Bottle shop for quite some time, I have no idea why I had never gone in for a little look. When I finally did, and I ended up buying  7 bottles of nail varnish. Models Own nail varnishes come in several different effects, Metallic, Hyper Gel, Glitter Gel, Diamond Luxe, Sweet Shop, Velvet Goth, and so many more!

When I went into the Bottle Shop they had an offer of 6 for £20 mix and match across the whole store, I couldn't say no could I! I actually ended up walking out with 7 nail varnishes. :) The shop assistants were really helpful and offered to show me any of the colours I was interested in.


06 April 2016

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Review

I have always been one to take care of my hair and I am regularly being told to stop buying shampoos and conditioners, as we have a bathroom full of them. I have coloured my hair for a long time now so I do tend to suffer with dry ends, even after a nice trim. However I have never been able to last more than a couple of days without my hair looking like a complete greasy mess, even with trying to wash it less. So when I discovered L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner, I had to buy it.


29 March 2016

Platinum Skincare - Acne Diamond Dermabrasion*

If you are a regular reader of Beauty, Bit's 'n' blog's you will more than likely know I have problem skin, I break out a lot and when I do my skin is really painful. I was recently contacted by an American Company called Platinum Skincare, asking if I would be interested in trying out some of their products. When it comes down to my skin I like to give anything a try, so I had a little browse of their website and let the lady know which products I was interested in trying. They decided to send me a tub of their Acne Diamond Dermabrasion face scrub with Salicylic, so I was looking forward to trying it out.


24 March 2016

Great British Cupcakery - Newcastle

We recently took another trip to Newcastle to see Dixie's family, as you maybe have read in my previous posts, it is one place we love going. Just before we went up this time I came across an Instagram profile, GBCupcakery, that really caught my eye! I mean look at those milkshakes!


07 March 2016

Devils Food Chocolate Cupcakes

I haven't done a new baking recipe for what feels like ages, so when we came across a cupcake book at work and decided each to pick a random recipe each to bake, I was really excited to get baking. I picked Devil's Food Chocolate Cupcakes, it wasn't a recipe I had used before so I thought I would share it with you, but this got me thinking and ideas were popping up all over the place, so I've decided to make this into a cupcake series! Yay!

I will post a new cupcake recipe every other week, and I would love it if you got involved and get baking with me! Here's to the first of many! :)


23 February 2016

Imperial Leather Sweets Shower Creams

I was out and about at our local supermarket when I came across these Imperial Leather Shower Creams. After I had smelt them I just couldn't resist buying one of each of the scents. They have got each of the scents, bang on the smell of the actual sweets.

I brought Mouthwatering Fruit Salad, Comforting Marshmallow and Uplifting Sherbet Lemon, this is only three out of the four in the sweets range, they didn't have the fourth one which was Stimulating Spearmint.


19 February 2016

Wildlife Week At Wyevale Garden Centre*

This last week has been half term in the UK, which means all of the kids are off school, and playgroup etc. It's a frustrating time as you want to spend time with your little ones and have fun but everywhere is usually so busy and full of ALOT of children. I was trying to come up with lots of ideas, of different things we could get up to, when I received an email from the Andover Wyevale Garden Centre. During half term it was Wildlife Week at Wyevale garden Centres, and Mia and I were invited to join them on one of their activity sessions.


12 February 2016

A Simple Chocolate Cake In A Mug!

I wanted to show you something super quick and really tasty. This can be for a quick kids dessert or a naughty late night nibble (or mid day!). I am sure you have all heard of them, but maybe not tried them, Mug Cakes! They are small cakes that, as the name says, you make in a mug, and in the microwave! They are really simple, and you could even get the kids to do them. This is a simple chocolate cake in a mug!


The Happy Mail Boxes*

Recently I was scrolling my way through Instagram, as I do several times a day...or more?! When suddenly this very cool and super yummy photo, of biscuits, caught my eye! I was intrigued straight away, I just had to browse a little more, and the more I did the more I loved what I saw. I was looking at a company called The Happy Mail. They create and design packages for all occasions which are delivered straight to your or your friend's door. Each of the boxes are filled with some really scrumptious, unique goodies, guaranteed to add a smile to any face! I know they made me smile when I received mine through the door.


09 February 2016

Snapfish For Your Valentines!*

I was recently contacted by Snapfish, to see if I wanted to show you some great Snapfish For Your Valentines ideas, for both him & her! Of course I agreed! :)

Snapfish if you don't already know are an online photo service company, they offer items from photo prints to photo books and a million other gifts between. You have so much flexibility you can be as artistic or as simple as you like and the quality of their products are better than any others I have seen. My photos, no matter what they are printed on to by them are amazing, sharp, clear and the colours are great.


05 February 2016

Insta Natural Eyelash Enhancing Serum*

Recently I was offered another Insta Natural product to review, this time I was asked to try their Eyelash Enhancing Serum. Eyelash serum is something which I have never even thought about trying before and I wasn't sure if it was going to really make a big difference, however I was so glad I agreed to give it ago as I was pleasantly surprised.


03 February 2016

Simply Cook Boxes

I was browsing over my O2 priorities the other day and found Simply Cook, there was an offer to try out your first box free of charge. I decided to order one and see what it was like. We keep saying as a family that we need to mix up our meals, rather than always eating the same ones, so this was the perfect way for us to do that.


16 January 2016

Frends Headphones

When I received these Frends Headphones for Christmas I knew straight away that they would appear in one of my next blog posts. I am so in love with these headphone, they are so pretty. They are made by a company called FrendsI had asked for some headphones for Christmas because I am always sat in the evenings, once Mia is tucked up in bed, on my phone or my laptop watching YouTube or Netflix. All I told my boyfriend was that I wanted some that weren't huge and some that were girly. (I think he did good don't you!?)


12 January 2016

Victoria Secret Sleep Wear!

I have always seen a lot of people raving about Victoria Secret, whether it was for their underwear, clothing, sleep wear, or even beauty products. We don't have one in our local shopping centres, and the once in a while I have found one, nothing has really jumped out at me shouting "buy me!".

Just before christmas I was browsing the website and decided I really loved their sleep wear and too my surprise, for christmas, my boyfriends mum brought me two of their Angel Sleep Tees! I got a pink and grey dot and strip one and an angel logo one. She brought them for me in a size small, which was just right, as a medium would have been too big and I'm not sure but an extra small might of fitted too well, especially for sleep wear, as I would much rather be really relaxed and cosy in it.


05 January 2016

A Boost Of Skin Confidence - Proactiv Review! *

A little while back I posted about my New Daily Skin Routine, if you haven't read it already I have linked it for you, this was a Proactiv+ review which was ten week course using the 3 step Proactiv+ System.  I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about changing my routines again but really I had nothing to lose, I was suffering from painful under the skin spots, that were red raw and just appeared swollen and horrible. In my first post, I touched on how having adult acne, and struggling so much with my skin since having Mia, was effecting my confidence. I hated stepping out the house without any make-up on, it made me feel like people were looking at me and I felt gross and dirty. Even though I know that acne has nothing to do with being dirty and unclean. Well...I have just completed my ten week course using the Proactiv+ products that I was sent to trial.

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