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15 December 2015

Unusual Mince Pies!

I love this time of year and even more so since Mia has been here, there is nothing like a Christmas with toddlers! Everyone knows Christmas is the time to pig out and completely over indulge in all things nice. Mince pies have always been a Christmas tradition, but it is probably one of the few things that I really don't enjoy, but everyone else around me does! I wanted to share with you a few unusual mince pies, that tend go down really well in our house!


04 December 2015

J2O-Midnight Range *

Hello Lovelys,

Recently I was kind enough to receive some of the new Limited Edition J2O-Midnight Range, I have to say I wasn't sure when I read what the flavours were:

Midnight Amber - Orange, Lemon and Mandarin Flavour which J2O say is:

"Magical burst with real citrus fruit juices blended with winter spice flavours which will create a mysterious drink that will enchant and delight you."

Midnight Forest - Orange, Cherry & Chocolate Flavour which J20 say is:

"An enchanting blend with real orange and luscious cherry fruit juices with a hint of chocolate flavour that will bewitch your senses and charm you."


02 December 2015

Wonderful Winter Coat!

We all know the toddlers aren't like us, they don't have a wardrobe of years worth of coats to pick from when the weather starts getting chilly out. There is no harm adding to the choices tho! You know the moment that the cold weather turns up, you need to go out and do a toddlers winter wardrobe shop. This year I spend ages trying to find a coat that I really liked for Mia, when I finally found that wonderful winter coat, in Zara Kids, no where had it in stock yet!

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