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11 November 2015

Our Family Trip to Newcastle!

Hello Lovelys,

We recently headed up to Newcastle as the other half's grandparents and uncle live up there. I have been up there a few times with him, but only once since we have had Mia and she was only 4 months old at the time, so the 5 hour plus journey wasn't too bad then. This time I was dreading it, over 5 hours in a car with a 2 year old, that hates being restrained in her car seat as it is, I could see it all being very stressful!

We decided that we would leave early morning, because Mia doesn't nap during the day anymore and we thought if we leave midday then after some sleep in the car she would never sleep during the night. We got up and left about 5.30am, Mia was really excited that we were going on "holiday". The first couple of hours was really easy, Mia had Frozen on the iPad (which was attached to the back of the seat), and I drove the first couple of hours, while Daddy dozed!

We stopped off at about 7.30/8 at a service station, to have some breakfast and coffee as I was starting to feel pretty tired now, after getting up at 4.30am. I am always really disappointed with Starbucks coffee at service stations, they are always really strong or just taste yuk! Does anyone else find this!? I never have any trouble from high street ones!

Once we got back on the road, Daddy drove the rest of the way, Mia was actually really go she moaned for a little bit after we got back in the car but then settled down to watch some Humf and Peppa Pig, before falling asleep for pretty much the rest of the journey. We were two have happy parents!

It took us almost six and a half hours due to 50mph road works and stopping once etc, but we got there! His grandparents have the most gorgeous house, with stunning views, there is noway you can't feel calm there.

We were up there for a couple of days, which was nice. One of those days we headed to the Metro Centre which is a huge shopping centre, it is the kind of place I would love to have a nice handful of money and spend my whole day shopping and eating there.

Mia headed straight for the Disney Store, and I don't really know who was more excited Mia or Mummy, they had all they Christmas decorations out and they were all so beautiful, I wanted to buy them all. Of course I spotted a Lush, so we went in there and I got Mia and I a few treats, she loves the butter bears, and I find they really calm her skin where she gets little patches of eczema. Then Daddy saw the Lego store and both him and Mia were very excited and we spent quite a while with Mia playing and Daddy reliving his childhood.

One of the evenings we were there we all went out for a family meal with everyone which was really nice. Mia was so good and even ate all her dinner plus ice cream. I couldn't wait to get stuck into pudding, I had a Mug chocolate brownie, and fell so in love with the mug it was in, the other half and his Grandma managed to convince the manager to give them one to give to me so that was a nice surprise.

We decided that we were going to head home late Tuesday evening instead of early Wednesday in the end as we thought Mia might sleep in the car on the way home. So Tuesday afternoon, we went to an Ice Cream Parlour, on a Milk farm. Mia wasn't sure went all the cows started mooing at the same time but she still wanted to see them all. The ice cream was to died for it really was.

Our trip home was only five and a half hour and I drove the whole way I was just in the right mood and Mia was so good she watched Frozen again and some Peppa Pig then dozed off until we got home.

There is nothing better than visiting family and being able to kick back somewhere and still feel like home! How far have to travelled with your little one, any tips for as she gets older!?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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