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30 September 2015

Mia's Christening!

Hello Lovely's,

I hope you are all doing well, we have been super busy this end planning and preparing a very special little event, Mia's Christening! It came round really quickly and it all fell into place on Sunday! I know quite a few people are most likely thinking but she is 2 she isn't a baby anymore, but for us it was just the right time, we are a family again, and we are happy and our lives are just beginning it seemed the perfect time to finally really celebrate it. I wanted to give you a little insight to all our plans and a little bit of the day. Unfortunately I'm sure you all know that you have no idea what kind of mood a toddler is going to wake up in on the day, and Mia happened to of gotten out of bed the wrong side! She didn't want to get dressed, she didn't want to talk to anyone, she didn't want her picture taken, nothing! All you can do is laugh! :) 

Lets get down to the finer details, we were looking at having it in a village hall to begin with but eventually we ended up deciding that we would have it at home, as it would just save us money and it meant that we could spend that money on something else we wanted.

My mum helped us make most of the decorations and they turned out brilliantly and looked just how I pictured. Mia's Christening cake was made by a lovely lady call Trudi from a cake company called Rock & RosesWhen she dropped the cake off on Saturday evening, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was everything with perfect and she just got it all spot on. Inside the cake flavours were white chocolate and raspberry cake and the other was Ferrero rocher cake. (They tasted amazing!)

When we were planning it we both decided we had to have a sweetie table, before even picking the food, there was no doubt about it, we are huge sweetie fans, (I think it might of just been used as an excuse to get LOADS of sweets but still!). I got some of the food platters from Costco consisting of wraps and some mini hot dogs that kind of thing, they were great and went down really well, this was more to just save time as I spent the whole of the Saturday before baking up lots of little treats, and then Sunday morning we made up some fruit and vegetable platters. Just as an added extra to the day as well my mum managed to find a pink champagne made by Freixenet called Mia, and it was so gorgeous!

Mia wore a little white dress which we added a purple sash, bow and purple petticoat to, as that currently her favourite colour and some cute little white shoes. She looked gorgeous, even if it was a fight to get her to put anything on at all, oh and she wouldn't wear the purple petticoat for more than a minute or so! 

All in all the whole day was lovely, we had all our family and friends there, it was just a small light-hearted service at the church. Everyone enjoyed the food, drinks and sweeties and Mia was great even if she was in a bad mood all day.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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