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30 September 2015

Mia's Christening!

Hello Lovely's,

I hope you are all doing well, we have been super busy this end planning and preparing a very special little event, Mia's Christening! It came round really quickly and it all fell into place on Sunday! I know quite a few people are most likely thinking but she is 2 she isn't a baby anymore, but for us it was just the right time, we are a family again, and we are happy and our lives are just beginning it seemed the perfect time to finally really celebrate it. I wanted to give you a little insight to all our plans and a little bit of the day. Unfortunately I'm sure you all know that you have no idea what kind of mood a toddler is going to wake up in on the day, and Mia happened to of gotten out of bed the wrong side! She didn't want to get dressed, she didn't want to talk to anyone, she didn't want her picture taken, nothing! All you can do is laugh! :) 


21 September 2015

Quick Tasty Family Meals with Schwartz Grill Mates*

As a mum I am always looking for new, tasty but quick and easy meals for the family. We are all always on the go and there is always something to be doing, so a meal I can put together leave to cook and then get on with other things around the house is great! :)


16 September 2015

Bloggers Festival - My First Blog Event!

As you may know, if you follow any of my other social media profiles, I recently attended my first ever blogging event, and I loved every second of it! It was called the Bloggers Festival, it was organised by the amazing Scarlett Dixon and it was held at Conrad St James, in London.

After spending hours trying to decide what to wear to a blogging event, I finally decided to keep it simple but a little bit smart with black jeans, a white t-shirt and a long blazer. I also kept my make up really natural but added a berry lipstick to add a little bit of colour.

I travelled to London by train which took me around 40 minutes which was really good but everywhere was super busy because of the rugby world cup qualifying games being on, so I struggled to get a seat. I met up with Charlotte from Style Splurging at London Waterloo, which really helped to calm my nerves as I think we were both as nervous as each other. The two of us stopped off for lunch at a little Italian place just around the corner from the hotel, and had pizzas and a good old chit-chat, it was so nice to finally meet up with another blogger with really similar interests and just get on, it was like chatting with an old friend.


03 September 2015

2 Years being a Mummy!

I can't believe my little girl, who really was the reason I started this blog is now 2 years old! The other week Mia turned two. It came around so quickly and looking back even in a year I can't believe the difference in her. Mia is growing, far too fast, into a lovely little girl. I have had the best and worst times of my life during these past two years and I wouldn't have a clue what I would have done without her face lighting up my days.

I wanted to use this blog to update you a bit on some of the things she can and can't do right now. As a mum, I think sometimes you are with your child so much that some of the little things they are learning to do you take for granted, which is really sad, so I am taking this moment to look over the little things with you guys!

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