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11 August 2015

The Boyfriend Tag!

I thought I would do something a little bit different, and something I could have a little bit of fun with! So here is The Boyfriend Tag! ;) This morning I got up and decided that I wanted to do this tag and put my boyfriend on the spot there and then, making him answer the tag questions! :)

Here are his answers in blue & mine in pink!

1) Where did we meet?

We first met in the pub, after your friend dragged you out for the evening.  

In the pub after I was made to go out.

2) What was your first impression of me?

I thought that you were gorgeous and bubbly.

He was SEXY.

3) Do I have any weird obsessions - if so what?

Nope - no weird obsessions.

His car!

4) If I'm watching tv, what am I watching?

There is a few that you would be watching, it would either be Don't tell the bride, Pretty little liars or Once upon a time. 

Definitely, Don't tell the bride or PLL.

5) What is one food I don't like?

You eat must things, but I think Corn Beef or Fish. 


6) What would I eat every day if I could?



7) What is something you do that I wish you didn't?

Clean my car so often.

He didn't swish coke around his mouth!

8) What can I spend hours doing?

Searching bloody Pinterest!


9) What is one thing you wish I didn't do?

Pick at your face as half the time you don't know you're doing it!


10) Who said I love you first?

I did.

He did.

What do you think? Trying asking your other half the same questions you might get some funny answers.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love




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