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22 August 2015

Bills Breakfast!

The other week we decided that we were going to get up early and head out for breakfast somewhere, and we ended up in Bills. Now I have heard some much about Bills but didn't actually release that there was one not that far from us in Camberley.


20 August 2015

Little Lush Haul!

I was really lucky and for my birthday my boyfriend brought me a box with lots of Lush goodies in, then I happened to go out the other day and end up in Lush again, so I thought way not show you (out of what is left) what Lush bath time goodies I have!

11 August 2015

The Boyfriend Tag!

I thought I would do something a little bit different, and something I could have a little bit of fun with! So here is The Boyfriend Tag! ;) This morning I got up and decided that I wanted to do this tag and put my boyfriend on the spot there and then, making him answer the tag questions! :)

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