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23 July 2015

Parks, Parks & More...Parks!

The last few weeks the weather has been the hottest it has been for a long time so British Summer might have actually got here! :) It has been so great actually being able to make the most out of being able to go outside to play and have fun in the sun. We have been to so many parks recently, Mia has loved it, she is definitely an outdoors kinda girl. I can't wait till we can take her camping and things when she is a little bit older.

Of course when we are heading to the parks, feeding the ducks usually ends up having to be part of the package! We made the most of the weather and did some painting outside under the gazebo, then Mia could get as messy as she wanted.

I can't believe that Mia is going to be two soon, and how much she has changed in a year. I had a picture reminder pop up on Facebook showing a picture of her this time last year, I was shocked!

I did manage to have some proper mummy time one evening with the girls too, which was great fun. We headed off to Nirvana Spa for the evening from about 5.30pm and we stayed until 10.30pm. I had a floatation treatment, which is a large pool with a small current, that is full of dead sea salt. The salts make you float on the surface and the current takes you slowly around the pool. It was so relaxing, they turn the lights down and above you is a pretty sparkly ceiling.

Have you been doing anything exciting recently? I would love to know if you have.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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