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17 June 2015

Haven Holiday - Weymouth Bay

If you found me on any of the social media you will know last week we went on our first family holiday, to Haven Holiday Park - Weymouth Bay. Myself, Mia and her Daddy (Dixie) just the three for us. We had such a lovely time, it was really nice to all spend some quality family time together. We went for a week Monday to Friday in a two bedroom caravan. I was really impressed the caravan was clean and tidy and really modern, it had a good-sized kitchen and an open and airy living area as well. Here is what we got up to! :D

We set off from home about 12.30pm a little bit later than we had planned as my car battery died at the petrol station before hand! It took us about two hours to get there and Mia was great in the car she slept most of the way there. :) We couldn't get our keys to the caravan until 3 pm so we had some lunch at the park's restaurant then headed to our caravan. After we had unpacked (or mainly Dixie had unpacked the car) our very full car, we decided we would go on a little walk toward the beach. Mia being Mia, decided she wanted to head up one the steepest hills (while making Daddy carry her) I had seen in a while, but it was well worth it as the views were amazing.

Mia was very happy, as on our way home she spotted a bunny rabbit, her favourite animal! We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and getting used to being there. The three of us cuddled up on the sofa to watch Brother Bear before bedtime, but this was when Mia then spotted that right outside our caravan there were three ducks so, of course, we had to go out and fed them.

We finally got Mia to settle down in bed at about 8 pm.

We all had a fairly early start on Tuesday, once Mia and I had got up and dressed we walked up to the main park area to purchase some tickets for the local Sealife Adventure Park & the Weymouth Town. I was really surprised how much cheaper it was buying the tickets at Haven rather than at the Centre itself.

We spent most the morning and some of the afternoon having lots of fun at the Sealife Adventure Park, I had never been to a Sealife Centre where a lot of it was outside rather than being inside of a huge building. Mia won herself a little fluffy duck on a game and dragged me on a boat ride which swayed all over the place!

On our way home Mia fell asleep in the car so I stopped off and popped into as supermarket to pick up dinner. During the afternoon we relaxed a little bit playing in the caravan until we decided we would take Mia swimming so we walked up to the main park and spend an hour swimming and none of us could stop ourselves heading to play with the 2p machines either! :) After our fun packed day, we were all pretty worn out so we ordered pizza for dinner and headed for bed.

Wednesday we all got up early again, (surprise, surprise with Mia.) and headed back towards town. When we got the Sealife tickets it included the Weymouth Tower and there was a train from the Sealife centre along the beach to the town, so we decided that we would take Mia on the train and up the tower. While waiting for the train we went into Sand World where they have all of the sand sculptures.

She was so excited when we went to get on the train and loved every minute of it. It was fun going up the tower but it was a lot quicker than I had expected.

On the way back we decided we would walk along the beach, this was when Mia decided she only wanted Mummy to carry her and she fell asleep so I carried her dead weight for an hour or so all the way along the beach back to the car! After spending a couple of hours playing at the caravan Daddy decided to take Mia up to the park and played on the swings and let Mia go down a massive slide and she really enjoyed herself.

We decided we would take Mia up to one of the Haven evening kids shows tonight but after being there around 20 minutes Mia just wanted to go back home and to bed, she was so worn out after such a full day of fun. This was the first time in a VERY long time she slept all night in her own bed, which just showed how tired she really was! :)

We didn't want to do lots today but still wanted to make the most of our last day here. We got up and went to the park at about 8.30am, and then stopped off for some breakfast in the restaurant. Afterwards, we headed to the beach to pick up a few gifts for some friends back home and popped into the supermarket for some evening nibbles.

When we went to the supermarket we discovered and really nice looking Beefeater so decided we would head back there later for dinner. In the afternoon we wanted to make use of the swimming pool once more before going home so we spent the afternoon playing around in the pool together. Then we did head back to Beefeater for dinner and it was so nice the staff were great and really friendly and nothing was too much for them. The food was so yummy as well.

Once we were all in bed there was a really big thunderstorm, which Mia slept through, I couldn't believe it!

Today was the day we had to head home! :( We had to be out of the caravan by 10.30am. Mia didn't want to leave at all, she went around kissing all of the walls and cupboards. Before heading back home we went and played a few more 2p machines! :)

I have to say we will be going back to the Haven Holiday Park, we all have a lovely time away and we were really sad to have to come home. All of the facility at the park were clean and the staff were really helpful. It was nice to have everything you might need in the park but still have the option to head off and find other things. Huge thumbs up from all of us! :)

Have you been to a Haven Holiday Park before? What did you think?

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


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