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03 May 2015

Marwell Zoo Day Trip!

During the Easter holidays, Myself, Mia, My Cousin Beth and her friend Amy decided we had to take a trip to the zoo for the day. So we did we went to Marwell Zoo! I really wanted to share our day with you, we all had so much fun and the weather was gorgeous. Mia was so well-behaved all day and she had the time of her life. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from our day out at Marwell Zoo!

Unfortunately, our day didn't come to end that well...my car broke down on the side of the Motorway and we were stuck there for almost 4 hours, but I must say Mia was an angel, even though she was extremely tired and ended up asleep on my shoulder for over an hour. But EVENTUALLY, we did get saved, although not by the AA as we were meant to be!

What did you think of our day out? Which is your favourite picture?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love



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