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03 April 2015

My Top Uses for Coconut Oil!

Over the last few months I have become, I guess you could say obsessed with coconut oil. There are so many ways you can use it and it is so good for you. I wanted to share with you, all of the ways you can use one pot of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a solid until to hits body temperature when it changes into a liquid. Below are just a few of ways you can use your pot of coconut oil!

  1. Hair Masks - Try rubbing a small amount into towel dried hair and leave to soak in, then just wash out. There you go you have a cheap and easy, deep conditioner. (You can leave this overnight for a deeper treatment too.)

  2. Body Moisturiser - Apply directly to your skin after showering/bathing.

  3. Makeup Remover - Rub between your hands and as it turns to a liquid apply to your face, you will see your make up just start sliding off. Then wipe off with cotton wool pads or a towel. I swear by this one, I use it to remove stubborn makeup.

  4. Body Scrub - Add sugar to coconut oil and rub all over your skin.

  5. Pan Frying - Instead of using olive oil etc. use a spoonful of coconut oil.

  6. On Toast - Use coconut oil on your toast instead of butter.

  7. A Spoonful a day - Coconut oil is extremely healthy and it is full of so much goodness.

  8. Cuticle Oil - Rub a small amount around your cuticles and leave them to soak in, if you repeat this every evening your cuticles will soften.

  9. Helps to prevent stretch marks - rub on thighs, belly, back and boobs to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. I wish I had known this, it is much cheaper than some of the other oils.

  10. Nappy rash cream - Rub a small amount onto baby's bottom when they are suffering from nappy rash. 
These are just a tiny handful of ideas of how you can use your coconut oil! I have been using mine for so many things and it always comes in handy when you least expect it to! :) Have you tried Coconut Oil before? What did you use it for?

Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love



  1. Great blog :) I swear coconut oil is the one great love of my life, I wear so much liquid lipstick it's the only thing that will remove it!

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