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22 April 2015

How to clean your make up brushes!

As some of you may know I suffer a lot with breakouts on my skin, and for me, clean, fresh, germ-free makeup brushes make a HUGE difference. I am sure there are so many of you out there that are thinking...I've never cleaned my brushes, well that was me once upon a time as well. However, that is all in the past as I am going to show you just how easy it is to do and how quick it can be. So here is a step by step on how to clean makeup brushes.

All you need is a bottle of baby shampoo, your brushes and warm water.

Take your brush and run it under the warm water (facing downwards so that it doesn't loosen any bristles).

Put a small amount of baby shampoo on your other hand and brush the brush into the shampoo using a whisking technique. This will help you get the shampoo right into the brush.

Then rinse under the warm water to remove all of the bubbles.

Lay out the brushes to dry, if you can it is best to have them facing downwards so that no water runs int the handle but I don't have anywhere I am able to do this.

I try to make sure I clean my brushes once a week, as that way I know they don't have too much time to build up the bacteria on them plus you can bet using lovely soft, clean, fresh brushes to apply your makeup!

I hope you have found this helpful if you have any questions feel free to ask me!
Do you have any different tips or ways that you clean your makeup brushes? :)

Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love




  1. I Spritz mine with a leave in conditioner too! Helps keep them super soft! :)

  2. I think this is the reason my skin is so bad atm, I should really buy a new one but that skint I genuinely can't afford to spend a tenner on myself! I'm defo gonna try this though, you may have just answered my prayers! x

  3. Beautybitsnblogs26 April 2015 at 13:22

    Just use a little bit of your little ones shampoo thats all you need! :) Even just the cheap tesco's own baby shampoo! :) So worth it! xx


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