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17 April 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge!

Hello Lovely's,

Some of you may already be doing this challenge and some of you may of never heard of it, but I really want you to get involved! The 100 happy days challenge is the easiest thing to stick to ever! All you have to do, to get involved is head over to the 100 happy days site, and register yourself in the challenge. Then everyday for the next 100 days share a picture of anything that has made you happy or smile, you can share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even email it to them if you want to keep it private. Just hash tag the photo with #100happydays. At the end of the challenge you can even receive a little set of square prints of all your 100 happy days! How cool is that! :)

I really love this challenge as it really makes you notice the littlest things which brighten your day and the tiny things which make you smile during the day that usually you may not of noticed, and completely of taken for granted. So lets all get sharing and brighten your own day just little more! 71% of people who have tried this challenge have failed saying lack of time is the reason...these people simply didn't have the time to be happy...do you?

I will be sharing from today, for the 100 days on my Instagram so you can follow me along on my 100 happy days challenge too! I would love to know in the comments how many of you decide to come along on the challenge with me, let get everyone smiling just that little bit more! :)

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love


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