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25 March 2015

Q&A with Jennie Harrison The Sleep Deprived Mums Coach!

Hello Lovely's,

I know we all have some burning questions about our babies and toddlers sleep habits and patterns. Lucky for you I have the wonderful Jennie Harrison - Sleep Deprived Mums Coach willing to do a Q&A with us! :)
I have had so many issues with Mia's sleep but since finding Jennie we have done nothing but move forwards with it. I actually had a whole night the other night where Mia stayed in her own cot all night rather than taking up the whole of mine. That is all because I have had Jennie's help. You can check out her site from the link above.

I would love you all to send me in your questions and I will then forward them to Jennie to answer and advise you, hopefully, we can all get a few answers from it!

You can post me your questions in the comments below, on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, You have until Sunday 5th April to send me in your questions. I am looking forward to reading them! :)

Thank you.

Lots of Love


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