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10 February 2015

Tan Eraser Mitt ✿ Review*

Have you ever had this problem? You have had a fake tan done or done one yourself and you get a really streaky patch or even you just don't have an even base to be able to apply a new fresh tan evenly. If this is you then keep reading...

 This is a the Tan Eraser, an exfoliating tan removal mitt.

The mitt can be used to remove both professional spray and self tanning products used at home, in a few quick easy steps. Best thing though is it really works, I must admit to begin with I was a little unsure if it would actually do the job but you can see for yourself below the difference it made after I had used it. Straight after use you may find that your skin shows a little bit of redness but this is perfectly normal it is just due to the blood flow around your body being heightened towards the skins surface.

These picture are before I used the mitt as the instruction stated, you can see the patches I had on my ankles and my knees:

I used the mitt as the instructions stated which is this:
How to use it: 

1. Shower/Bath as normal ensuring that you rinse any soap residue away.

2. Wet the tan eraser mitt under the shower and squeeze out all excess water.

3. Stand away from the shower or the bath and use the pink side to rub the skin gently, this will remove any of the old spray tan. Apply extra pressure or use the black side for a stronger exfoliation.

4. Then rinse. Make sure you rinse the mitt through as well to remove the old product.

After using it, these are my results. I think you might agree there is a big difference! :) I was really pleased! It really did give me the perfect base for a new self tan.

If you want to purchase yourself a Tan Eraser Mitt, you can do directly from their website for just £6 + PP. 

Have you ever used the Tan Eraser Mitt? What did you think?  Or would you like to try it? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank You For Reading

Lots Of Love

*These products were provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and completely my own.


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