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03 February 2015

Freshly Baked Fake Tan Mousse

I wanted to introduce you to a new favourite of mine. Freshly Baked Fake Tan Mousse. I haven't been using any fake tan for a little while now, but I came across this company on Twitter. The first thing that drew me in was that they do a selection of different scents. Yes thats right fake tan which doesn't smell like fake tan (even though I think I must be one of the only people that actually likes that smell), you can buy it in Baby Powder, Watermelon, Amaretto and Scent Free. I went for the baby powder scent, I'm not sure why but maybe it's a mummy thing. :)

Its a really lovely mousse and applies really easily. Before applying I made sure I moisturised especially the areas which tend to be a lot dryer, your knees, your ankles and heels, elbows those kind of areas. I used a self-tan applicator mitt to apply the mousse I use these when I tan for a number of reasons: 1.You don't end up with really dark palms of your hands. 2. It helps to blend your tan and give it a smoother finish. Oh and of course it smells lovely, you can clearly smell that it is baby powder scented. Below is a picture of my legs before applying any of the tan. (This was taken in the evening so my legs do look slightly darker.)

For my the colour had a tiny too much of the orange tone in it but this is more noticeable because I only did my legs. I think it would applied a lot better if I had been moisturising all over and my extra dry areas for a week or so before hand to. I did find you got a little bit of that fake tan smell once it had been on for quite some time.
This is the finished result, after leaving it for 8 hours as it instructed and then washing off. What do you think? It doesn't look as dark on the picture as it actually is. 

I would really recommend you check them out for yourself at Freshly Baked London.

Thank you for reading! 

Lots of Love 


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