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30 January 2015

My Toddlers Troubles!

 I wanted to open up to you all a little bit, I am having a really hard time with Mia at the moment, which is one reason why I seem a little bit slack with my blogging at the minute.

All you parents out there someone please tell me, I am not the only one that sits there pulling their hair out at times and has no idea what to do next!?...I hope I'm not!
Right now Mia isn't sleeping very well (again) the only way to (sometimes) get her to sleep during the night is to bring her in with me, which I know is a big mistake or so I think but I get to the point where I just need some sleep! She will go to sleep fine in the evening, (with a little encouragement) then anytime from 11pm - 1am she will wake up screaming, shouting and will not lay in her cot at all. Now sometimes after a while she will lay down and settle, as long as I am either touching her with one hand or just sat on the floor by her cot. BUT the moment I leave the room, usually just as I climb into my own bed she will start all over again! I would do anything to have a good nights sleep in my own bed, alone! There are so many sleep techniques out there its almost mind bogging! I just don't know where to start with her.

Oh and just to top the not sleeping off, She has definitely started the trouble two's tantrums now. How would you know you ask, well I was walking round the supermarket with her trying to carry the basket, Yes Mia trying to carry a basket with things in it, but she kept falling over it so I took it off her and said Mummy will carry it. BAD MOVE! She was then laying in the middle floor sobbing all over not being able to carry the shopping! This has now happened on several occasions!

Is anyone else having similar issues with sleep? Or any tips to help reduce the tantrums? I would love 
I would love any kind of advice you can give me for dealing with any of my toddler troubles!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love 


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