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15 December 2015

Unusual Mince Pies!

I love this time of year and even more so since Mia has been here, there is nothing like a Christmas with toddlers! Everyone knows Christmas is the time to pig out and completely over indulge in all things nice. Mince pies have always been a Christmas tradition, but it is probably one of the few things that I really don't enjoy, but everyone else around me does! I wanted to share with you a few unusual mince pies, that tend go down really well in our house!


04 December 2015

J2O-Midnight Range *

Hello Lovelys,

Recently I was kind enough to receive some of the new Limited Edition J2O-Midnight Range, I have to say I wasn't sure when I read what the flavours were:

Midnight Amber - Orange, Lemon and Mandarin Flavour which J2O say is:

"Magical burst with real citrus fruit juices blended with winter spice flavours which will create a mysterious drink that will enchant and delight you."

Midnight Forest - Orange, Cherry & Chocolate Flavour which J20 say is:

"An enchanting blend with real orange and luscious cherry fruit juices with a hint of chocolate flavour that will bewitch your senses and charm you."


02 December 2015

Wonderful Winter Coat!

We all know the toddlers aren't like us, they don't have a wardrobe of years worth of coats to pick from when the weather starts getting chilly out. There is no harm adding to the choices tho! You know the moment that the cold weather turns up, you need to go out and do a toddlers winter wardrobe shop. This year I spend ages trying to find a coat that I really liked for Mia, when I finally found that wonderful winter coat, in Zara Kids, no where had it in stock yet!


23 November 2015

Mummy Time Out!*

For all you Mummy's and Daddy's out there we all know it doesn't matter that we love our child/children unconditionally, everyone needs a break, just a little time-out! As being a parent can be really hard and stressful at times. I always find that I feel so much better after a crazy day with Mia, once I have some Mummy time out, even if it is just 10 minutes to myself! I wanted to share with you all a few different ways you can relax, have some you time!

Firstly, take some time out to get stuck into a good book, I always find that giving my mind something to sink into can help to flush away all my worries. It lets my imagination run wild and drift off, forgetting any worries and distressing my mind.


20 November 2015

Warming Winter Drinks!

As the weather is slowly getting colder, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa in front of the tv with a yummy hot drink. So I have tried and tested some different drinks for you and found a couple of these delicious, warming winter drinks to try out!


11 November 2015

Our Family Trip to Newcastle!

Hello Lovelys,

We recently headed up to Newcastle as the other half's grandparents and uncle live up there. I have been up there a few times with him, but only once since we have had Mia and she was only 4 months old at the time, so the 5 hour plus journey wasn't too bad then. This time I was dreading it, over 5 hours in a car with a 2 year old, that hates being restrained in her car seat as it is, I could see it all being very stressful!


09 November 2015

My Most Recent Reads!

Hello Lovelys,

When I was younger I always use to find plenty of time to sit down and get really suck into a good book. Now days, it feels as though I rarely have the time, but over the last few months I have made sure I have taken even just 15 minutes of time out to get some reading done, because there is nothing better than the smell of a lovely new book, and crisp pages to turn. I thought I would share with you some of my most recent reads!


19 October 2015

A Fairy Nice Fairy Door!

As you may have read previously Mia has been going to playgroup a couple of times a week, since September. Let's just say, to begin with, it was hard work getting her to even let go of me to take her coat off, but things have really improved and she is doing extremely well, and it is for this reason, I just had to get her a fairy door for in her bedroom! I have been looking at all sorts of different ones and I have previously bought one a few years back for my god-daughter. There are so many but I love the ones that look like real little doors.

Then I found The Fairy Nice Trading Company, and I fell in love with Caroline's beautiful fairy doors! As soon as I discovered them I spent ages trying to decide which one Mia would love the most! Each one was so beautifully finished, with a tiny knocker, letterbox and tiny crystal door handle.


11 October 2015

Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks!

Autumn really is here, the darker evenings and darker mornings and the clocks haven't even changed yet! I love the cosier outfits and the jackets and big warm jumpers this time of year, plus it's such a good time of year to be able to add splashes of colour to your outfit with clothes or many a bit of lipstick! :)


09 October 2015

Old El Paso Soft Taco Kits! *

I was sent some samples of the new Old El Paso Soft Taco kits, now for me, this isn't something I would usually pick up in the supermarket, I don't think I have even tried Taco's, ever! :) But I had to share this with you once I had tried because I loved it! I have only tried the Steak Carne Asada Soft Tacos so far but I am excited to try the Baja Fish too.


02 October 2015

New Daily Skin Routine - Proactiv+ *

Hello Lovelys,

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have mentioned my troublesome acne skin on many occasions. I was recently approached by Proactiv+ about joining them in an 8-10 week course, using the Proactiv+ skin care products. I had never used or heard much feedback about proactiv+ products other than watching their adverts on the telly.

30 September 2015

Mia's Christening!

Hello Lovely's,

I hope you are all doing well, we have been super busy this end planning and preparing a very special little event, Mia's Christening! It came round really quickly and it all fell into place on Sunday! I know quite a few people are most likely thinking but she is 2 she isn't a baby anymore, but for us it was just the right time, we are a family again, and we are happy and our lives are just beginning it seemed the perfect time to finally really celebrate it. I wanted to give you a little insight to all our plans and a little bit of the day. Unfortunately I'm sure you all know that you have no idea what kind of mood a toddler is going to wake up in on the day, and Mia happened to of gotten out of bed the wrong side! She didn't want to get dressed, she didn't want to talk to anyone, she didn't want her picture taken, nothing! All you can do is laugh! :) 


21 September 2015

Quick Tasty Family Meals with Schwartz Grill Mates*

As a mum I am always looking for new, tasty but quick and easy meals for the family. We are all always on the go and there is always something to be doing, so a meal I can put together leave to cook and then get on with other things around the house is great! :)


16 September 2015

Bloggers Festival - My First Blog Event!

As you may know, if you follow any of my other social media profiles, I recently attended my first ever blogging event, and I loved every second of it! It was called the Bloggers Festival, it was organised by the amazing Scarlett Dixon and it was held at Conrad St James, in London.

After spending hours trying to decide what to wear to a blogging event, I finally decided to keep it simple but a little bit smart with black jeans, a white t-shirt and a long blazer. I also kept my make up really natural but added a berry lipstick to add a little bit of colour.

I travelled to London by train which took me around 40 minutes which was really good but everywhere was super busy because of the rugby world cup qualifying games being on, so I struggled to get a seat. I met up with Charlotte from Style Splurging at London Waterloo, which really helped to calm my nerves as I think we were both as nervous as each other. The two of us stopped off for lunch at a little Italian place just around the corner from the hotel, and had pizzas and a good old chit-chat, it was so nice to finally meet up with another blogger with really similar interests and just get on, it was like chatting with an old friend.


03 September 2015

2 Years being a Mummy!

I can't believe my little girl, who really was the reason I started this blog is now 2 years old! The other week Mia turned two. It came around so quickly and looking back even in a year I can't believe the difference in her. Mia is growing, far too fast, into a lovely little girl. I have had the best and worst times of my life during these past two years and I wouldn't have a clue what I would have done without her face lighting up my days.

I wanted to use this blog to update you a bit on some of the things she can and can't do right now. As a mum, I think sometimes you are with your child so much that some of the little things they are learning to do you take for granted, which is really sad, so I am taking this moment to look over the little things with you guys!


22 August 2015

Bills Breakfast!

The other week we decided that we were going to get up early and head out for breakfast somewhere, and we ended up in Bills. Now I have heard some much about Bills but didn't actually release that there was one not that far from us in Camberley.


20 August 2015

Little Lush Haul!

I was really lucky and for my birthday my boyfriend brought me a box with lots of Lush goodies in, then I happened to go out the other day and end up in Lush again, so I thought way not show you (out of what is left) what Lush bath time goodies I have!

11 August 2015

The Boyfriend Tag!

I thought I would do something a little bit different, and something I could have a little bit of fun with! So here is The Boyfriend Tag! ;) This morning I got up and decided that I wanted to do this tag and put my boyfriend on the spot there and then, making him answer the tag questions! :)


29 July 2015

Afternoon Tea @ BB Bakery!

It was my birthday on Saturday...so I am now another year older! To celebrate, myself, my mum, a family friend and my friend Georgie decide to head to London for afternoon tea on Wednesday! I searched for ages online trying to find a nice place to go that we didn't have to spend the earth at, and in the end, I found bb bakery in Convent Garden. It was so lovely, I liked it because it was bright and airy and had a really nice, pretty, girly feel to it.


20 July 2015

Guest Posting For Cake Cetera!

Recently I have did a guest post for a company called Cake Cetera, an online cake company. Cake Cetera started up in 2011, they make (cake of course) a whole array of yummy products, including French Macaroons, Cake Pops, Cupcake Bouquets, and some other wonderful creations.

After they had posted my guest post on their Cake Blog, which you can read over on their site. I received an email saying they wanted to send me over a thank gift, which was very exciting! When I received it I knew I had to share it with you so you can see just how great their products are.

Here is the box of Thank You Message French Macaroons, that they sent me! Plus they were VERY yummy! You can order these over on the website as well as other messages.

They come in boxes of 12 with an assortment of flavours including pistachio, raspberry, coffee, lemon, chocolate and vanilla. (All extremely moreish!)

I just wanted to say a huge Thank You back to Cake Cetera! Head on over a have a look at all the wonderful products they have to offer!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


13 July 2015

Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

I was invited to go along to a Stella & Dot Trunk Show. When Nikki invited me, I had never heard of a trunk show before but I am very glad I went along. It is an opportunity to try on and get a really good look at a large selection of product a company has to offer, plus order any that you would like to. Nikki is an Independent Stylist for Stella & dot, a New York-based fashion and jewellery company.

When I arrived (I was one of the first, as I was so eager) Nikki had all the jewellery set out on a table along with some bags and booklets, straight away I noticed some stunning pieces that I loved!


07 July 2015

Strawberry Picking At West Green Fruits!

I was trying to think of somewhere we could go the other day when I realised, that almost right on our doorstep in our little village was West Green Fruits! A family run business in Hartley Wintney, that offers a large range of fruits and vegetables, which you can either pick yourself or they sell ready picked for you.


02 July 2015

Our Summer So far!

I have been a little slack lately, I am really sorry, life has just got on top of me lately. :) I thought I would share with you what we have been up to during our summer so far. We have been having some lovely family time which has been something that was really needed. I love unplanned fun days! We all had such a fun time on our holiday at haven, we are hoping to go back, towards the end of the year.

So far this summer here in the UK we have been pretty lucky with the weather and had some nice sunny days, I have loved being able to be outside and burn off some energy! Mia and I have spent a lot of time visiting the ducks and playing in various parks around us. There is a family of geese on the river where we live and they have learnt that Mia feeds them and they all coming running over to her as soon as they spot her.

It is great being able to throw some lunch together and go out and have a picnic with Mia, she loves being outside and being able to run about. We are really lucky with where we live, as we have huge grass areas to play on.


17 June 2015

Haven Holiday - Weymouth Bay

If you found me on any of the social media you will know last week we went on our first family holiday, to Haven Holiday Park - Weymouth Bay. Myself, Mia and her Daddy (Dixie) just the three for us. We had such a lovely time, it was really nice to all spend some quality family time together. We went for a week Monday to Friday in a two bedroom caravan. I was really impressed the caravan was clean and tidy and really modern, it had a good-sized kitchen and an open and airy living area as well. Here is what we got up to! :D


15 June 2015

Imune Nurture Kids Drink Review*

The other week I was sent some new kids drinks from a company call I Mune. They have recently released their new drinks called Nurture. The first thing that interested me, was that their main aim with the kid's drink was to effectively support our kids immune systems against germs and infections. As parents we all want to do the best we can for our children, Mia can be really picky at times and has days where she just isn't interested in eating half of the stuff I give her, so knowing that I can make sure she gets her daily vitamins and minerals that she needs really appealed to me. 


12 June 2015

No Bake Oreo Bars!

I wanted to make something simple but really naughty at the same time. These no bake oreo bars are made with just three simple ingredients: Oreos, Marshmallows and butter. They are super easy and really quick to make if you need something to knock up that is sweet and yummy. Let's get baking!


08 June 2015

The Glamour Summer Edit Box - Reveal!

I haven't had any subscription boxes for a while now and as it coming to summer I thought ah well a one-off treat isn't going to hurt the bank balance too badly! :) I have seen The Glamour Boxes quite a lot and when they released The Glamour Summer Edit Box there were so many products in it that I really wanted to try, I decided that was the one to get! Just for something a little bit different, I wanted to share with you what you get in it!


04 June 2015

Chunky Champion Chocolate Cookies!

It has been what seems like a really long time since I have posted a baking post, so I thought right what can I bake to share with you! Then thanks to Tanya Burr, I remembered how many times I had seen people making her chocolate cookies and they looked amazing! So I grabbed out her book and got cracking!


02 June 2015

Fathers Day Gifts With Snapfish!*

Are you struggling for idea's for Fathers Day, for Dad's or Grandad's?! Or completely forgotten, it's on Sunday 21st June, but no need to worry. I have got together with Snapfish again to show you a few ideas that can give a real personal touch to Father's day, much more than just a pair of socks! :)  Snapfish is an online company that does digital photo printing and many other different photo gifts, such as; cardsmouse mats, calendars, photo books, magnets, mugs and the list goes on!


27 May 2015

Whats In My Baker Bag!? ✿ Updated

I haven't done a what's in my makeup bag since I first ever started blogging, that is a year ago now! :) So I thought I would give you a little insight into What is in my baker bag, aka my makeup bag, right now! :) Plus I would really like to know if you have any suggestions as to anything that I must add to it!


09 May 2015

Blogging Birthday!

Happy Blogging Birthday to me! I can't believe that I have actually been blogging a year this weekend just gone! If I am honest I didn't know how long I would stick with it but I love it so much. I have met so many people who I wouldn't usually get to interact with but who are supportive and friendly. The blogging world is a lovely place to be a part of.

I was really spoilt as by my boyfriend as a well done for blogging for a year and I was so confused as to what he would have got me, BUT he did really good! :) I got a set of Zoeva Rose Gold Make up Brushes! They are so beautiful and really soft on your skin. Big thumbs up for them!

I have so many more ideas and have plans for working alongside some great companies in the near future. So I just want to thank you all as without you lovely people reading my blog posts, I wouldn't still be writing them!

THANK YOU & I love you all for all the support.

Please raise a little glass or a large hot cuppa tea with me! To lots more fun and many years to come!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


08 May 2015

Lottie London Brushes

I popped into Superdrug the other day and discovered Lottie London for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. They do a range of brushes, nail varnish, and makeup. I got myself 3 make up brushes, only because that was the only ones which were in stock. Lol. I brought the Tan Time Brush, Flawless Base Brush, and Kabuki Babe Brush.


07 May 2015

My April Favourites!


I haven't done a monthly favourites post in a really long time but I have a few things I would really like to share with you. So here are my April favourites!


03 May 2015

Marwell Zoo Day Trip!

During the Easter holidays, Myself, Mia, My Cousin Beth and her friend Amy decided we had to take a trip to the zoo for the day. So we did we went to Marwell Zoo! I really wanted to share our day with you, we all had so much fun and the weather was gorgeous. Mia was so well-behaved all day and she had the time of her life. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from our day out at Marwell Zoo!


29 April 2015

10 Self Tanning Tips!

I can't believe how quickly this year is rolling past its is that time again, when we are looking forward to our summer holidays, leavers balls, or just the summer time fun! So I thought it was about the right time to let you in on my top 10 self-tanning tips.


27 April 2015

Sleep Q&A Part 2 With Jennie Harrison The Sleep Deprived Mums Coach!

Hello Lovelys,

So last Monday I brought to you part one (here it is if you missed it) of the Sleep Q&A with Jennie Harrison, The Sleep Deprived Mums Coach. So many of you received some really great advice and were really happy!

I wanted to let you know this doesn't have to be the end for you receiving Jennie's helpful advice and knowledge, How you ask?! Jennie runs a lot of group's, and courses to help you out. I am currently on one of her courses and in one of her sleep clubs, it is brilliant, not only do you have Jennie for help and advice, but you have lots of other mum's in just the same place as you, and it is fantastic!

Anyway, Thank you again to Jennie for putting aside some time to do these videos for us. :) Here is part two of your Sleep Q&A!

Jennie & I would love for you all to leave some comments and let us know what you thought!

Thank you for watching!

Lots of Love

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