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01 December 2014

Santa's Super Sweet Surprise!

Hello Lovelys,

I am so excited about Christmas this year because of Mia, She is at such a nice age at the moment! I have been dying to have a reason to get one of these and finally I have! :) I have got Mia an Elf on the Shelf! :) I got him from a company called My Little Elf! I nearly didn't get one as they were completely sold out but lucky for me they did a seconds sale one evening, this is where they sell off any of the elf which aren't quite 100% up to standards (one ears slightly too big, one leg longer, eye slightly lower, those kinda things!) but still 100% for safety standards.
I was like a little kid, when this box arrived on my door step, I knew straight away what it was! When I opened it, I couldn't believe how soft and cute he was! He was perfect, (like really, you could not of been able to tell what wasn't right with him.) I couldn't wait to introduce him too you all! :) So here he is...
Say Hello to...... Little Elfie Elf!
Isn't he really cute?! :) He even has a little bell inside him and little velcro pads on his hands for climbing! :) 
 This is what it looked like as I unwrapped the box. Everything was so neat and pretty! He comes with a Elf Passport, Chocolate Coins (to pay his way, of course), Kids behaviour chart, Elf report card, and a extra label with Mia's name on it so I could reseal it! Oh and a personalised letter from Santa!

When I ordered Elfie, this also court my eye and I just couldn't not get it for our new family member! A little Elf Onesie, it is so soft! 
Now you are all probably thinking, your daughter is only like 15months old, she isn't going to have a clue! Yes I do know that, but she loves looking at pictures, so I just thought this could be fun, for not only her but me to, on the run up to Christmas! 
 AND...You guys, because I am going to be doing a weekly Elfie post so you can all see what fun and games, he has been up to over the week! :)

Do you have any elfie ideas? ;)
 Elfie is looking forward to seeing you all next week, after settling in at home! :) Just to let you know you can purchase from My Little Elf ready for next year, I would really recommend them!

Thank You For Reading!

Lots of Love


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