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15 December 2014

Elfie's Antics #2

Hello Lovelys!

Christmas is getting forever closer! Here is the 2nd week of Elfie's Antics at our house! It is safe to say I spoke too soon as he seems to be getting up to more and more mischief, Take a look! 

The love for Tinkerbell must be still strong as he seems to still be trying to get to her!

Cow riding around the living room!

Using Mummy's Lipstick to draw on the pictures! Mummy really wasn't impressed!

Counting his piggy bank up and paying his rent!

Wearing Mia's christmas slippers.

Not sure if Elfie has seen many fish before, he seems very intrigued.

Playing with shaving foam, pretending he is Santa!

More from Elfie Next Monday!

Thanks For Reading!

Lots of Love


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