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11 November 2014

Babies First Baths - Top Tips

Hello Lovely's,

I have been thinking about writing this post for a little while but never quite go round to it. When I first had Mia, the first time I gave her a bath was a really scary moment for me! You have this tiny, slippery and squirmy baby, (sometimes also screaming the place down), to try and hold and wash at the same time as trying not to let them slide out your hands! I thought I would make a little list of my top tips for you!

  1. Make sure you get a baby bath - I really didn't think I would get any use out of this, but after using a washing up bowl to bath Mia in for the first time, I went straight out and got one! :) They do make it a lot easier to hold them up in as well.
  2. Temperature - Ensure that the room you are bathing your baby in is warm, the last thing you want is them to start feeling cold, babies loss their body heat really quickly. It should be around 27˚C in the room. The bath should be around 37˚C - 38˚C, when you put your elbow in to it, (this is one of the best areas for testing the water temperature) it shouldn't feel hot nor cold.
  3. They don't need it everyday - Babies skin drys out really easily even with moisturising, so for the first few weeks they don't need to be bathed everyday but if you like to do it then that is fine too, just ensure you put a little mild baby bath in the water to protect their skin. 
  4. Keep it Short & Sweet - Some babies might not enjoy a bath to start with and others will love it, best thing is keep bath time short and sweet no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.
  5. Cosy Ending - Once you've finished take the baby out. Lift them with one hand supporting her neck and head, and your other hand under her bottom, with your thumb and forefinger around one thigh. This will help you ensure you don't loss grip of this tiny, squirmy, wet, body! Wrap them up in a cosy, warm, hooded towel straight away, like I said before they loss body heat quickly. 
  6. NEVER WALK AWAY - Never ever leave your baby alone in the bath not even for a second.

I hope that I have covered a few areas for you, I have found a brilliant Safety guide made by Trade Bathrooms, which goes over everything from 0 - 4+ weeks. You should check this out for more information.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to comment below! I would be happy to help! 
Are you or someone you know expecting a little bundle, Please share this with them! :) 

Thank you for Reading!

Lots of Love 


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