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28 November 2014

Winter Wishes

Hello Lovely's, 

 I have never done a wish list, so here you go, my very first winter wish list. I have included somethings I love for Mia as well. :) 

1. Magnitone Lucid Daily Facial Cleaning and Exfoliating Brush - Aqua Green - FeelUnique.
2. Grey Long Sleeve Skater Dress - New Look.
3. Isabella Faux Fur Lined Hood Zip Detailed Parka - BooHoo.
4. Black Zip Side Block Heel Boots - New Look.
5. Ted Baker Pink Bow Bracelet - House of Fraser.
6. Blue Christmas Fairisle Pattern Jumper (For Mia) - Next.
7. Pink Trapper Two Piece Set (For Mia) - Next.
8. Khaki Hooded Parka Coat (For Mia) - River Island.

What do you think? What is one item that you really want this winter?

Thank You For Reading

Lots of Love


25 November 2014

Pinteresting Pinterest Pins Ep2!

Good Evening Lovelys!

Quite a while back I did a Pinterest Post and everyone really seemed to like it. So here you go again my Top 10 Pinterest Pins!

1. Grab-n-Go Pancake Muffins - These look so yummy and of course for all us mummy's, a quick and mess-free breakfast, even easy for on the go! This is from The Nourishing Home.

2. The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies - I found this and thought it was so amazing. It tells you what ingredients to use to get the exact kind of cookies you want! Chewy, crispy, thick, thin, you name it. Thanks to Kitchen Nostalgia we can all have the perfect cookies!

3. 25 Indoor Toddler Activities For Rainy Days - For this time of year (especially in the UK) this is like the perfect post, yes ok this is meant to be for the summer but there is no reason it can't be for the winter! :) I can't wait to get trying out some of these with Mia. Thanks to Cloud, With a Chance of Wine.

4. Leaf Cable Stickers - I love these especially for those wire that no matter what you do you really can't get rid of them, without spending money on tubing and things. They look really fun and I think they actually take your eyes away from the fact they are cables! They are sold on Clippings.com

5. Bulletin Board Frames - This is some I must do! A pretty frame with a cork board behind it so you can put up things like children drawing and swap them around whenever you want to. The other plus side they can be up and out of the way, and not all over your fridge! :) Step by step with Shannon Makes Stuff!

6. Date Night Gift Basket - I really like this idea, even more for new parents. We have all been there new baby, you want to get the routine down, or you're too tired to go out etc. With this, you could have everything you need for a lovely night in! Great idea, thanks to the ladies at Handmade Mood.

7. Book Sling - Mia loves books and has them everywhere, this would be the best idea for her room at least they wouldn't be all over her floor! This is a shop on Etsy called SnipsnSnails.

8. Indoor S'mores -  I saw this and it looks so super mouth watering and yummy and it is so simple to do, how have I never come up with it before myself! :) Thank you, Dessert for two!

9. One-Pot-Pasta - This looks so good and easy to make without leaving loads of washing up! You could even get the kids involved! Try it out with thanks to Family Bites!

10. Book Page Corner Heart - A small yet very pretty and simple idea! I can't wait to start using it with all my books. Great idea from The Cheese Thief.

These are just a few of the reasons that I love spending a lot of spare time on Pinterest, ( the time I really should be doing other things) :) You really should check some of these out, I wouldn't have found if it wasn't for Pinterest! Do you have some favourites on Pinterest Pins? I would love it if you would send them to me on Pinterest. :) 

Thank You for Reading!

Lots of Love

Chrissy x


21 November 2014

12 Christmas Gifts For 1-2 Year Olds!

Untitled #2

Hello Lovelys,
So it is well and truly that time of year! :) Christmas is coming, the shops are beyond crazy! I have spent ages trying to come up with ideas of what to get Mia for Christmas. Here is a little list of toys for 1-2 year olds to get the ideas flowing! :)
1. Happyland Playsets - Early Learning
They do so many playsets, doctors, vets, prirate ships, houses and castles.
2. Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe Octopus - Toys R Us
3. Minnie/Mickey Mouse Soft Toys (Any Favourite Soft Toys)- Disney Store
4. Mega Bloks First Builders Sets - Toys R Us
5. Tomy Aquadoodle - Toys R Us
6. Leap Frog My Pal Scout - Toys R U
7. Mini Artist My First Crayons - Early Learning
8. Leap Frog Reader Junior - Argos
9. Happy Hopperz - Happy Hopperz
10. Puzzles - Tesco
11. Books - The Works
12. Play Tents - Toys R Us

I hope this gives you a few under the tree ideas for your little ones! 
Do you have any ideas to share?

Thank you for reading! 

Lots of Love 


19 November 2014

A Must Try Mascara!

Hello Lovely's,

I wanted to let you in on this amazing product that I brought! I got this mascara the other week and I have completely fallen in love with it since!

It is, Rimmel London's New Wonder'full Mascara in Extre Black (003). It has Argan Oil in it, which will nourish and strengthen your lashes, and over time help them to appear fuller.  I found that it gives you, really long, even lashes and the extreme black shade is so bold. It doesn't give you that furry spider leg look, which I personally think is a good thing! It definitely has a thumps up from me!

I love the packaging as well the chocolate brown and bronze colour make it look luxurious and expensive...but lucky for me this was on offer when I got it and cost me £5.00...usually £7.99.

I have done a before and after picture for you to see the difference for yourself. 



What do you think? Do you have any favourite high street mascara's? 

Thanks for reading! 
Lots of Love


14 November 2014

Snapfish Photo Calendar ✿ Review *

Hey Lovely's

I hope you are all well! I have been asked to review some Photo Calendars from the company Snapfish, I'm sure most of you may of heard of them or maybe even used them before. They are an online company designed by HP, who deal with pretty much anything photo related. Prints, Photo books, Calendars, Cards, Wall art, Gifts, you name it they will probably do it.

I was so excited when I was asked to design a few different calendars and review them. I had been wanting to do a calendar of Mia for ages, so I jumped at the chance. Now I can share with you what I made and how it went!

There are lot of different calendar options to pick from, I did three styles. It is brilliant that you can pick sizes and styles, pretty much everything is customisable. However I did find that uploading photos wasn't the easiest, it takes quite a while and when you are trying upload a lot of photos, it isn't really that simple as you have to select each photo using Ctrl with windows or ⌘command on a mac then upload! I had to do this several times to get all the photo's that I needed.
When you start designing your calendar, I really like that you can pick which month you want your calendar to start on, so you can get your calendars anytime of year!

This is the 11"x8.5" Classic Calendar, with a Blackboard background. - £14.99
This also comes in two other, larger sizes.
Each page can be a different photo layout, colour and style! If you don't want them to be the same, each page can be completely different! The one thing I really like about this particular calendar is that you can put a picture on special dates! I have done this for Mia's birthday and for christmas as well.

This is the 10x5" Desk Calendar - £9.99
The desk calendar only comes in the one size, 10x5". It has a simple calendar on it but again you can change and customise every page, to how you want it. On all of the calendars, you are able to have captions underneath the pictures, which I think is a really nice touch.

This is the 11.5x5" Kitchen Calendar - £9.99
 I really love the front cover on this calendar, I thought that this picture was the perfect fit on the front! What do you think? Again you are able to change all the pages and put any photo layout you want on them. With the kitchen calendar you are able to leave important date reminders on it, just not with the pictures like on the Classic calendar.
If you don't want to sit there for sometime organising all your photos, you are able to upload your photos and then press an auto button, that will place all of your photos selected on the calendar for you. This is a great time saver and prefect if you only have a small number of photos that you want to use! The postage and order time was really quick as well, I ordered these on the 5th November and I received them on the 8th November. 

When I received them, I was really happy, the page quality is great, that colours are how you would expect them to be, bright bold and the same as the colours you actually pick! They are well made and you know when you hang them up the pages aren't going to start falling out after a few weeks! :) 
Pop over to Snapfish yourself and have a look at all the wonderful things you can design and have made for you! They have some really great offers!

So you have seen all the calendars that I designed, what do you think? They would make a great christmas gift for anyone! I would love to see any calendars you have done!

Thank You For Reading!

*These products were provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and completely my own.


11 November 2014

Babies First Baths - Top Tips

Hello Lovely's,

I have been thinking about writing this post for a little while but never quite go round to it. When I first had Mia, the first time I gave her a bath was a really scary moment for me! You have this tiny, slippery and squirmy baby, (sometimes also screaming the place down), to try and hold and wash at the same time as trying not to let them slide out your hands! I thought I would make a little list of my top tips for you!

  1. Make sure you get a baby bath - I really didn't think I would get any use out of this, but after using a washing up bowl to bath Mia in for the first time, I went straight out and got one! :) They do make it a lot easier to hold them up in as well.
  2. Temperature - Ensure that the room you are bathing your baby in is warm, the last thing you want is them to start feeling cold, babies loss their body heat really quickly. It should be around 27˚C in the room. The bath should be around 37˚C - 38˚C, when you put your elbow in to it, (this is one of the best areas for testing the water temperature) it shouldn't feel hot nor cold.
  3. They don't need it everyday - Babies skin drys out really easily even with moisturising, so for the first few weeks they don't need to be bathed everyday but if you like to do it then that is fine too, just ensure you put a little mild baby bath in the water to protect their skin. 
  4. Keep it Short & Sweet - Some babies might not enjoy a bath to start with and others will love it, best thing is keep bath time short and sweet no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.
  5. Cosy Ending - Once you've finished take the baby out. Lift them with one hand supporting her neck and head, and your other hand under her bottom, with your thumb and forefinger around one thigh. This will help you ensure you don't loss grip of this tiny, squirmy, wet, body! Wrap them up in a cosy, warm, hooded towel straight away, like I said before they loss body heat quickly. 
  6. NEVER WALK AWAY - Never ever leave your baby alone in the bath not even for a second.

I hope that I have covered a few areas for you, I have found a brilliant Safety guide made by Trade Bathrooms, which goes over everything from 0 - 4+ weeks. You should check this out for more information.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to comment below! I would be happy to help! 
Are you or someone you know expecting a little bundle, Please share this with them! :) 

Thank you for Reading!

Lots of Love 


07 November 2014

October Favourites!

Hello Lovely's,
So here we are back to the monthly favourites, I know I say it every time but it really is going far too quickly! Here are my October favourites:
You may of seen in my Beauty Haul post I brought a Rimmel Matte Lipstick - 107. From what I have heard it is extremely popular but I can see why it is gorgeous and I love it. I have been wearing it really often because it goes with almost everything. The other reason why I love this lipstick is it lasts so well. I have put some pictures below, but I can apply it on the morning and it will last most of the day without a single re-application!
I got my new iPhone 6 at the end of September, I have always been one for the tech gadgets and well as the latest iPhone. (I think it came from being apart of the phone industry for all those years!) :) There are only two things that do disappoint me though and that is one, I should of got the bigger memory, I have so many photos my memory is now full! Also iOS 8 has so many glitches at the moment which really should of been picked up before the software release! BUT...the camera is amazing!
This isn't so much of my favourite but Mia's, but they are quick and easy snacks so that is a plus for me! Elle's Kitchen Toddler Snacks! They have recently been expanded and have a lot of new flavours. Mia's favourites seem to be: Raspberry and Banana, Carrot and Cumin seed and Apple and Cinnamon. They are all organic and full of goodness. If you have a toddler that likes to pick at things to eat I would definitely recommend them to you!

These have been around for a little while and again as usual I am the only one that seems to of only just tried these, Vitamin Water! I find them really refreshing, this one is one of my favourites but I have tried out almost all the flavours. Each flavour has different added ingredients depending on the intended purpose of the drink, Vitamins, Energy, you name it, but all are there to rehydrate you! Lol defiantly something I need being a Mummy. Sorry about the title image I drunk it before even thinking what I was doing! :)

Sorry this months favourites is a short one I was really struggling! :) These are the only things that really stood out for me!
Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

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