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24 October 2014

Super September Favourites!

Hey Lovelys, 

This year really is flying by, I know I have properly said this every time it comes to this time in the month! It really does only feels like yesterday that it was August and I was waiting for Mia's birthday to come round! 
Is anyone else as excited as I am about Christmas this year? Do you have any little ones? Mia was only 4 months only last Christmas so this feels more like her first one! :) 
Anyway so my September favourites:

I love this T-shirt! My mum actually found it in New Look (yes in the children's range!), but I love it!  It say's "Follow My Blog!" She said, when she found it she had to get it for me! I've been wearing all the time.
I am completely hooked on Gossip Girl! I know with this one I am way behind everyone else as it is on Series 6! I just decided one day I would give it ago and here I am on the 3rd series. If you haven't watched it, it is really addictive but easy watching. 
This is a little bit strange but I love mugs from the disney store, I know they aren't all shaped the same but they all feel so good in your hands! I have a couple but this one is my favourite. Perfect for a large hot chocolate with cream! ;) 
I do like to use a good dry shampoo especially since having Mia, as washing my hair doesn't seem to EVER be on the top of her list to allow me a chance to do! I saw this in Boot's and I had no idea that Aussie had realised one! I picked it in up in the travel size so I could try it out, and it is great it doesn't leave that white powder in your hair and it smells gorgeous! I would defiantly recommend it! 
Last but by no means least  Lindt Hello Chocolate bars! These are super yummy I have only tried the Hello my name is Salted Caramel & Hello my name is Caramel Brownie but they are both so good. Perfect for a evening in front of the telly with your feet up! :) Have you tried any of them?

Do you know anything I should get my hands on to try out?
I would really like to try some new things! :)

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love



  1. Once again, well done :)
    I've been wanting to try a dry shampoo and it looks like I'll be giving this one a try.
    And those chocolates look so yummy!

    Jay xx

    1. Jay you should definitely try the chocolates! They are yummy! Thank you for reading as always! X

  2. oh my gosh!! Gossip Girl yes!! It's addicting isn't it? Hahah great show! Love this post x

    1. Thank you that is really kind of you! I am so hooked on gossip girl I can't believe I have only just found it! Xx


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