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10 October 2014

Happy Holiday Snaps!

Hello Lovely's, 
How are you? I thought that I would give you a little insight to what Mia and I got up to on our week away to Norfolk! 
We were really lucky as the weather was really nice all week, the times it was raining we happened to be travelling to somewhere or back from somewhere. From where we live it is about 3 and half hours driving and Mia was a complete angel the whole way, she must of slept for about 2 and half hours! I was well prepared for a very unhappy little girl on the way but not at all! We stayed in a little holiday cottage, in the middle of nowhere, and I really mean NO WHERE! Lol
Here is a bit of what we got up to:

We went to Banham Zoo, it was so much fun, Mia had never been to a zoo before and her face when she saw animals was such a picture! :) 

Mia fell in love with penguins while we were there and it all started because she spotted one of those small electronic one that walks along in a shop! Lets just say she wouldn't leave without one! :) 

I love this photo of Mia, we had only been at the zoo about ten minutes and she was trying so hard to get high enough to see the Kangaroos again! Look at her on her tip toes! :) 
 Mia loved the zoo so much, she was really excited all the way round!

Another day, we headed to Great Yarmouth, and some how ended up straight in the Sea-life Aquarium! Mia is slightly fish mad! Oh and to top it off for her this sea life centre also had PENGUINS! Lol! :D

 We all had a fantastic week away, we did so much and had so much fun together. Mia had a smile on her face 24/7! It was so lovely to see her super excited about everything! I love this little girl more than anything in the world! She puts a smile on my face just by looking at me!
It is safe to say though I think we wore Mia out! Things went very quiet for a while and this is how we found her! Bunny and bottle in hand! :)

Thank You For Reading! 
Have a great evening!

Lots of Love



  1. Looks like an amazing trip! there are some lovely photos :)

    1. Thank you! We had so much fun, Mia was excited 24/7 lol! :) xx


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