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21 October 2014

Creepy Cupcakes!

Good Evening My Ghostly Lovelies,
I have never done a themed post, for a particular time of year yet, so you have got to let me know if you like it! 
So 31st October 2014 is only just over a week away, that makes Halloween is just round the corner! 
How about making some of these gross, dirty, worm infested cupcakes, if you fancy it here is how:

I started with making a batch of basic double chocolate chunk muffins, if you need a recipe for these I have included one just below! :) 

For making the Muffins you will Need: 
125g Plain Flour
25g Coco Powder
1tsp Baking Powder
1 Egg
60g Sugar
2 tbsp Oil
100ml Milk
Oven pre heated - 160oc
Mix all of the ingredients together & bake for around 20 minutes, and they should look like this. 

Now is where the fun starts! :) 
You will need: 
1 Tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Buttercream Icing.
1 pack of chocolate biscuits (Oreos are best but they aren't as easy to smash up)
1 Pack of Creamy Fudge (Just make sure its not a very hard kind.)

Once your muffins are cooled start by cutting the top off to make it a little bit flatter. (Especially if they have risen like mine did!) Lol
Take about half the pack of biscuits, now I removed the creamy centre of these to make it easier to smash them up, so I ended up with a bag of biscuits and a pile of filing, you haven't got to do this but I have had a lot of problems trying to smash oreos for the same reason!
After I had removed the filing I smashed the bag of biscuits until they made a fine crumble. Thats your soil made! :) 
Now take a few of the pieces of fudge and roll them between your hands until they make thin worm like shapes. For me each pieces of fudge made about three worms, as they don't need to be very long or thick. The rest of the pack can be eaten will you are working! ;)
Cover the top of them with a layer of the Chocolate Buttercream Icing. This doesn't have to be neat as it is going to be covered over anyway. 
Then take a handful of the "soil" and sprinkle a fairly thick layer over the top of the buttercream. 
Now you are able to arrange your "worms" throughout the soil! 
Hey presto your done! :) 
Your yucky, slimy, wormy cupcakes are complete! :)
Are you trickle treating or having a party or even going to a party? Let me know what you are all up to!

Lots of Spooky Love



  1. Well done, Chrissy!
    This looks so yummy and well decorated for the October month.
    I'll have to try them out :)

    Jay xx

    1. Thanks! They are really simple but look really cool! I think so anyway! :) X

  2. Nice blog thanks ffor posting


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