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17 October 2014

Beauty Haul

Good Evening Lovelys! How are you? Have you had a good day? 
I went out shopping the other day with my mum and ended up spending money I definitely shouldn't of been spending but hey ho you only live once eh! :) 
Here's what I got on my shopping haul:
Make Up Brushes
I was looking at replacing one of my Real Techniques make up brushes, now I do really love Real Techniques but was tempted to try a different brand and just see how I got on with them. I ended up in Boots where they just happened to have a 3 for 2 on all make up application products! (Opps) 
As they were on offer I thought I should treat myself! 
They had the Real Techniques brush that I wanted to replace, which was the expert face brush, it is great for blending and giving you a really flawless finish, so I thought I may as well still pick that one up! 
While I was looking I came across this gem! I have never seen a brush like it! It is made by The Vintage Cosmetics Company, and it is for dusting and powders. It is so so so silky and soft, I think i feel for it the moment I found it! Lol! What do you think? Have you used any of The Vintage Cosmetics Company's products before? 
Of course it was a 3 for 2 though so I had pick up another brush as well! :) What a shame that was! I picked a foam applicator made by ECOTOOLS, it is made from bamboo and recycled materials & came in it's own little pouch. 
Ok so I decided I wanted to jump in with two feet to the autumn looks, so after spending what seemed like months applying small testers of every lipstick going to the back of my hand. I picked up these two lipsticks. They are both from the Kate Moss, Rimmel London ranges. One is the Kate Lasting Finish Number 31 and the other is the Kate Matte Finish Number 107 . I have only worn the matte one at the moment but I am definitely addicted already! :)

Lush - Bath Bombs
Recently I have taken a real liking to having a gorgeous, fizzy, relaxing, bath bomb in my bath. I seem to see it as my timeout to relax and let my troubles drift away, if that is really possible in this day and age! Lol Anyway I thought I would treat myself to a few Lush bath bombs, which I have to admit isn't something I would usually do as I do find them a little on the pricey side. I popped in a went around having a smell of pretty much every single one they sold and came out with these three.
Dragons Egg which is the white one. Avobath which is the light green one. The Comforter which is the pinky, purple larger one, but this isn't actually a bath bomb this is a bubble bar! :)
I have already used the Avobath which was really relaxing and smelt really fresh and also the Dragons Egg which was a complete surprise and I love it! As it melted away you got to a glittery gold inside, and then your bath water starts to crackle! :)

I think that might actually be everything! Lol! What did you buy when you last when on a little shopping spree? Are you as bad as me when it comes to trying to decide what it is I actually want to buy!?
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I brought.

Thank You For Reading!

Lots of Love



  1. Wow what a great deal at boots! looks like you got some amazing stuff! I'm in love with Kate moss 107 :P but I think 31 is next on my list - it looks like a lovely deep pink x

    1. Yea it really was a good deal! Usually either Boots or Superdrug will have a 3-2 on cosmetics or brushes something like that! :) keep an eye out and you could get a couple other lipsticks it try! 😊 x


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