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31 October 2014

Bedroom Tour!

Hello There Lovelys, 

Today I thought I would do something I haven't done before, but I hope that you like.
I thought I'd share a little bit into my life for you! How I like things! My room is my space, my own little sanctuary! I am a tad particular about things and like to be really organised. Lol Saying this out loud actually makes me a bit overly aware of it now though! :)
Any how, here we go!
My bedroom theme is white and purple, I just wanted to keep it really relaxing but still a little bit bold and out there! :) 
I recently brought a small desk from Ikea to use for my writing and drawing. On it is a lamp from ikea. Mia's baby monitor, some pens and pencils, and a couple of candles. The notebook from Paperchase. Oh and of course my macbook & iPhone. :) 
In the small draw I have been keeping and little pencil case, my felt tips & pencils that I have been using for the Secret Garden Colouring book! :) Ok yes you may also be able to see my little chocolate stash in the corner too! Oops! 
As we move along I have got a full length mirror  & a modern styled rocking chair, this use to be in Mia's nursery but as she is walking, climbing, jumping and all of the rest it was time to take it out & I have no where else for it! :) On the floor is my basket of make-up brushes & pots lotions and potions!
Next I have my chester draw which are from Ikea. My Ted Baker Make-up bag. A jar from TKMax & one of my disney cups. 
 This is the most unorganised area I would say. I need to finish off hiding wires and things, but as you can see I have my telly on the wall and just underneath I have a Philips colour changing up lighter! :)

 Then one of the most important places, my bed! :) I have a duvet set on it from Home Sense and both the pillows and the throw are from Debenhams. You can only just see it on the floor but I have got a rug from next there as well.
What do you think?
Let me know if you would like to see more blog posts like this one? Maybe one of Mia's bedroom!?
I am really interested in what you all think.

Thank you!
Lots of Love


28 October 2014

Pots & Co ✿ Review

Hello all of you luscious lovelys!

When I had tried these for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind I had to share them with you! :) Have you ever tried them before? I heard about these on a monthly favourites blog post, and once I had tried them I knew why! They are amazing! 
They are made by a company called Pots & Co (you can check out their site here), there is a range of different desserts, but each and every one is so yummy! 
I started off with the three below, I thought I would be nice and got one for each of us at home, however we all ended up sharing them, so we could all try some! :) 
Chocolate & Orange Pot
 Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot
Sticky Toffee Pudding

Out of these three my favourite was the Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot, it was so tasty. I wasn't overly impressed with the Chocolate & Orange Pot but that is only because I'm not really a huge fan of chocolate orange! :) 
I have recently discovered my absolute favourite though, Lemon & Lime Posset, I have honestly never tasted something with so much flavour and just tickles all of your taste buds! :) 

Well as you can tell I was really impressed with these pots & to top it all off they come in some gorgeously, coloured, reusable ceramic pots! 
These are a must on your next food shop! :) 

Let me know what you think please! 

Thanks For Reading! 
Lots of Love


24 October 2014

Super September Favourites!

Hey Lovelys, 

This year really is flying by, I know I have properly said this every time it comes to this time in the month! It really does only feels like yesterday that it was August and I was waiting for Mia's birthday to come round! 
Is anyone else as excited as I am about Christmas this year? Do you have any little ones? Mia was only 4 months only last Christmas so this feels more like her first one! :) 
Anyway so my September favourites:

I love this T-shirt! My mum actually found it in New Look (yes in the children's range!), but I love it!  It say's "Follow My Blog!" She said, when she found it she had to get it for me! I've been wearing all the time.
I am completely hooked on Gossip Girl! I know with this one I am way behind everyone else as it is on Series 6! I just decided one day I would give it ago and here I am on the 3rd series. If you haven't watched it, it is really addictive but easy watching. 
This is a little bit strange but I love mugs from the disney store, I know they aren't all shaped the same but they all feel so good in your hands! I have a couple but this one is my favourite. Perfect for a large hot chocolate with cream! ;) 
I do like to use a good dry shampoo especially since having Mia, as washing my hair doesn't seem to EVER be on the top of her list to allow me a chance to do! I saw this in Boot's and I had no idea that Aussie had realised one! I picked it in up in the travel size so I could try it out, and it is great it doesn't leave that white powder in your hair and it smells gorgeous! I would defiantly recommend it! 
Last but by no means least  Lindt Hello Chocolate bars! These are super yummy I have only tried the Hello my name is Salted Caramel & Hello my name is Caramel Brownie but they are both so good. Perfect for a evening in front of the telly with your feet up! :) Have you tried any of them?

Do you know anything I should get my hands on to try out?
I would really like to try some new things! :)

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


21 October 2014

Creepy Cupcakes!

Good Evening My Ghostly Lovelies,
I have never done a themed post, for a particular time of year yet, so you have got to let me know if you like it! 
So 31st October 2014 is only just over a week away, that makes Halloween is just round the corner! 
How about making some of these gross, dirty, worm infested cupcakes, if you fancy it here is how:

I started with making a batch of basic double chocolate chunk muffins, if you need a recipe for these I have included one just below! :) 

For making the Muffins you will Need: 
125g Plain Flour
25g Coco Powder
1tsp Baking Powder
1 Egg
60g Sugar
2 tbsp Oil
100ml Milk
Oven pre heated - 160oc
Mix all of the ingredients together & bake for around 20 minutes, and they should look like this. 

Now is where the fun starts! :) 
You will need: 
1 Tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Buttercream Icing.
1 pack of chocolate biscuits (Oreos are best but they aren't as easy to smash up)
1 Pack of Creamy Fudge (Just make sure its not a very hard kind.)

Once your muffins are cooled start by cutting the top off to make it a little bit flatter. (Especially if they have risen like mine did!) Lol
Take about half the pack of biscuits, now I removed the creamy centre of these to make it easier to smash them up, so I ended up with a bag of biscuits and a pile of filing, you haven't got to do this but I have had a lot of problems trying to smash oreos for the same reason!
After I had removed the filing I smashed the bag of biscuits until they made a fine crumble. Thats your soil made! :) 
Now take a few of the pieces of fudge and roll them between your hands until they make thin worm like shapes. For me each pieces of fudge made about three worms, as they don't need to be very long or thick. The rest of the pack can be eaten will you are working! ;)
Cover the top of them with a layer of the Chocolate Buttercream Icing. This doesn't have to be neat as it is going to be covered over anyway. 
Then take a handful of the "soil" and sprinkle a fairly thick layer over the top of the buttercream. 
Now you are able to arrange your "worms" throughout the soil! 
Hey presto your done! :) 
Your yucky, slimy, wormy cupcakes are complete! :)
Are you trickle treating or having a party or even going to a party? Let me know what you are all up to!

Lots of Spooky Love


17 October 2014

Beauty Haul

Good Evening Lovelys! How are you? Have you had a good day? 
I went out shopping the other day with my mum and ended up spending money I definitely shouldn't of been spending but hey ho you only live once eh! :) 
Here's what I got on my shopping haul:
Make Up Brushes
I was looking at replacing one of my Real Techniques make up brushes, now I do really love Real Techniques but was tempted to try a different brand and just see how I got on with them. I ended up in Boots where they just happened to have a 3 for 2 on all make up application products! (Opps) 
As they were on offer I thought I should treat myself! 
They had the Real Techniques brush that I wanted to replace, which was the expert face brush, it is great for blending and giving you a really flawless finish, so I thought I may as well still pick that one up! 
While I was looking I came across this gem! I have never seen a brush like it! It is made by The Vintage Cosmetics Company, and it is for dusting and powders. It is so so so silky and soft, I think i feel for it the moment I found it! Lol! What do you think? Have you used any of The Vintage Cosmetics Company's products before? 
Of course it was a 3 for 2 though so I had pick up another brush as well! :) What a shame that was! I picked a foam applicator made by ECOTOOLS, it is made from bamboo and recycled materials & came in it's own little pouch. 
Ok so I decided I wanted to jump in with two feet to the autumn looks, so after spending what seemed like months applying small testers of every lipstick going to the back of my hand. I picked up these two lipsticks. They are both from the Kate Moss, Rimmel London ranges. One is the Kate Lasting Finish Number 31 and the other is the Kate Matte Finish Number 107 . I have only worn the matte one at the moment but I am definitely addicted already! :)

Lush - Bath Bombs
Recently I have taken a real liking to having a gorgeous, fizzy, relaxing, bath bomb in my bath. I seem to see it as my timeout to relax and let my troubles drift away, if that is really possible in this day and age! Lol Anyway I thought I would treat myself to a few Lush bath bombs, which I have to admit isn't something I would usually do as I do find them a little on the pricey side. I popped in a went around having a smell of pretty much every single one they sold and came out with these three.
Dragons Egg which is the white one. Avobath which is the light green one. The Comforter which is the pinky, purple larger one, but this isn't actually a bath bomb this is a bubble bar! :)
I have already used the Avobath which was really relaxing and smelt really fresh and also the Dragons Egg which was a complete surprise and I love it! As it melted away you got to a glittery gold inside, and then your bath water starts to crackle! :)

I think that might actually be everything! Lol! What did you buy when you last when on a little shopping spree? Are you as bad as me when it comes to trying to decide what it is I actually want to buy!?
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I brought.

Thank You For Reading!

Lots of Love


10 October 2014

Happy Holiday Snaps!

Hello Lovely's, 
How are you? I thought that I would give you a little insight to what Mia and I got up to on our week away to Norfolk! 
We were really lucky as the weather was really nice all week, the times it was raining we happened to be travelling to somewhere or back from somewhere. From where we live it is about 3 and half hours driving and Mia was a complete angel the whole way, she must of slept for about 2 and half hours! I was well prepared for a very unhappy little girl on the way but not at all! We stayed in a little holiday cottage, in the middle of nowhere, and I really mean NO WHERE! Lol
Here is a bit of what we got up to:

We went to Banham Zoo, it was so much fun, Mia had never been to a zoo before and her face when she saw animals was such a picture! :) 

Mia fell in love with penguins while we were there and it all started because she spotted one of those small electronic one that walks along in a shop! Lets just say she wouldn't leave without one! :) 

I love this photo of Mia, we had only been at the zoo about ten minutes and she was trying so hard to get high enough to see the Kangaroos again! Look at her on her tip toes! :) 
 Mia loved the zoo so much, she was really excited all the way round!

Another day, we headed to Great Yarmouth, and some how ended up straight in the Sea-life Aquarium! Mia is slightly fish mad! Oh and to top it off for her this sea life centre also had PENGUINS! Lol! :D

 We all had a fantastic week away, we did so much and had so much fun together. Mia had a smile on her face 24/7! It was so lovely to see her super excited about everything! I love this little girl more than anything in the world! She puts a smile on my face just by looking at me!
It is safe to say though I think we wore Mia out! Things went very quiet for a while and this is how we found her! Bunny and bottle in hand! :)

Thank You For Reading! 
Have a great evening!

Lots of Love


09 October 2014

6th Month Blogging Birthday!

Hello Lovely's, 
Today is a really positive, happy day for me! :)
This time 6 months ago, I wrote and posted my first ever blog post! I had never written anything before or even had any idea where to start, but I did it. I know 6 months is still a fairly short period of time but I am actually really proud that I have managed to keep up posting every week, at least once if not twice for a whole 6 months! 
I have my own little internet space, I have spoken to some fantastic people and had some really amazing feedback and comments. This is a huge achievement for me, but I wouldn't of kept going without some of the positive lovely words I have had from some of you! :) 

I want to hear everything, everyone has to say, weather it be criticism or positive feedback! The reason I wanted to create this space was to share things with you guys, find people in similar situations to me, make friends, talk, laugh and just enjoy myself!
I have loved every minute of the last 6 months, yes ok there were times I didn't have a clue what to write about or even which way up to start, but I did it and I got there! :)
 A couple of days ago I hit 4000 page views, and I really couldn't believe it!

I want to say thank you to all of you that regularly read my blog posts as well, it's because of you that I have stuck at it and enjoyed it so much! 
So lets make a little tea toast! Grab your cuppa (or wine glass if your lucky enough to be sat there with one!)! Here is to the next 6 months!

Thank you! I love you all!

Lots of Love

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