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19 September 2014

Spinach Pesto Spaghetti!

Hello Lovely's,
I thought I would do something a little bit different for you. Normally I would bake and things but this time I thought I would do you a main meal. It is one of my favourites and Mia's too! :) She makes a huge mess with this but loves it so much! 
This recipe will Serve 4, and will only take around 15 minutes to make and cook.

What you will need:
400g Spaghetti
100g Baby Spinach
3 Tbsp of Green Pesto
140g Frozen Peas
150ml of Single Cream
Small Bunch of Basil Leaves
50g Parmesan
Food Processor

How to make it:
1. Cook the Spaghetti as instructed on the pack. 
2. Boil the kettle and place the peas and baby spinach into a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave for about 3 minutes, until peas are tender.
3. Drain them well and add the peas and spinach to the food processor along with the basil, pesto, cream and parmesan. Whizz them all up to make a smooth sauce. 
4. Drain the pasta, (you can keep a little of the pasta water incase you need to make the sauce less dry, if need be) and return it to the pan.
5. Add the sauce and return to a low heat for a couple of minutes until the sauce clings to the pasta. If it looks dry add little of the pasta water you held back. Season to taste and serve with extra parmesan.
6. Now enjoy! :) 
Let me know what you think?! It is so tasty and quick and easy to throw together, great when you are super busy! 

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love 



  1. Chrissy! No joke, this post made me SUPER hungry! I am SO going to make this. It looks absolutely delicious! I think I'll enjoy it just as much as Mia is there in that picture haha.
    Well done! :)


    1. It really is so yummy would be good with some chicken too! :) x


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