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26 September 2014

Mia's Must Haves!

Good Evening Lovelys! How is everyone?
When this post actually goes up we will be on holiday! YAY! A nice little week away to Norfolk, Myself, Mia & My Mum! :) 
 I wanted to do something slightly different for this post! So I decided on showing you some of Mia's favourites! :) A bit of a Mama & Baby post!

E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk
This bubble bath is great! Mia went through a stage of getting really dry skin when she was around 6 months old. It was on her legs and tops of her arms. I only noticed this when I was using all of the night time lavender products, so I decided to get something a bit more gentle and moisturising for her skin. Thats when I found this, it has two liquid layers init which you have to shake up before using and then the smallest amount goes really bubbly. The best thing is after a couple of weeks using this her skin was so much better! :) 
Jelly Cats Bunny Rabbits
Mia got brought one of these small bunny's when she was born by a family member, and slowly it seems to of multiplied! Lol As you can see she has them in a variety of different colours and patterns!   This is only some of the ones I could get hold of! Mia will carry these around all day if given the chance to, these also meaning ALL of them at the same time! (Both hands full, one or two held in her mouth and sometimes even kicking one along as well!)
Pampers or Huggies Wipes &  Pamper Nappies Size 4+
I have used Pampers Nappies since the day I brought Mia home from those tiny new born ones! We do sometimes switch between the Active Fit and the normal Pampers Baby Dry but always Pampers for us. I know that some of the other cheaper brands are just as good but I would just rather stick with what we know. 
I have been getting wipes from Costco's when I do a trip there so I just tend to pick up whatever is on offer at the time so these do vary. However I have a cupboard full right now!
Rubber Ducks
Rubber Ducky's are just a must in the bath, if nothing else these will keep Mia entertained :) We have a wide range of them! Lol

I hope you enjoy this post, I know it is a little bit different from what I would usually do!
Thank You For Reading! 
Lots of Love


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