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15 August 2014

Planning a 1st Birthday Bash!

Hello My Lovelys! 

As you all know I am a mummy to a very gorgeous little girl called Mia. I never believed what people told me when they said time would fly by as Mia grow up, but oh my has time flown past. Mia is going to be a year old in just a few days time! This is so scary, I can't believe how much she has changed and grown up.

I thought I would share with you how I went about planning Mia's Birthday Party. I spent a lot of time on my trusty Pinterest Page for this.
We had decided that we would have a bbq on the Saturday before her birthday, as between myself and her Dad we have a lot of family. I am still hoping tomorrow is going to be dry, because we have a lot of people in the garden! :)
So that is the some of the most important things:
1. What you want to do?
2. What date to do it on?
3. Where you will hold it?
I really wanted to do some pretty invitations, I looked everywhere, in shops, online but I couldn't really find the kind of thing I had in my head that I wanted. So eventually, I headed to Vista Print! I used one of the designs they already had and added a picture of Mia to it. What do you think?
You need to make sure on the invitation you include
1. The Date.
2. The Location/Address.
3. What the occasion is.
4. The Time.
5. A contact number.

Then a very important thing to do is to actually send all the invitation out! :) What I did was write a list of everyone I wanted to invite and then tick them off the list as they replied!
Next I went out getting lots of decorations, however once I put them altogether I realised that most of them didn't actually match at all! However I thought oh well it for Mia not everyone else. :D
See what I mean!? Lol!

I then started on deciding what kinda of food we wanted, this ended in the other evening myself and my Dad heading off to Costco and spending a fair amount of money on different meats and foods! We came out with a very full trolley at the end of it! Lol!

Now even though it isn't Mia's Birthday until the Monday I have got to do a cake for her on the Saturday as well, not only that it will do for Pudding! I spent a really long time on Pinterest trying to decide what I could do, and I came up with a couple of ideas, either a hedgehog cake or a bunny rabbit cake! Sorry but you will have to wait until next week to find out what I decided on as I can't have it made before finishing this post! :)

So that is the basics of how I planned Mia's birthday, I didn't want to go on into loads of details and bore you all! I will do you a little post on how it went and things! :)

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


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