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22 August 2014

Mia's Birthday!

Hello Lovelys,
How has your week been? What did you think about Tuesdays Post!?
As you know Monday was Mia's Birthday! It was such a nice day, of course she wasn't overly bothered and didn't really know what was going on! I had fun though! :D 
The BBQ on the Saturday went really well, we had the perfect weather, it was so sunny and dry all day. It was so nice to have all of our family together, chatting and having fun together. :) 
Mia was completely spoilt and got some amazing presents!
I ended up making a bunny birthday cake, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to at all. I didn't have the right sweets and things to get it to look right. I used coconut all over to give the fluffy look like a bunny. It is meant to be like the bunny has his head down a hole in the ground. lol! I wanted to do grass all over the bottom but I just didn't have time, I think it would of looked much better if I had done. Oh well, everyone said it tasted good! :)
On the Monday, which was her actually birthday, we had the morning with Mia. I set up her presents the night before and part of her present was a pop up tent which is huge, I put battery operated fairy lights in it at the top! She loved it when she came down and saw it! I want to try and use it as like a reading corner or something. I still can't gather out of it!
 At around 12pm I had invited Mia's friends from baby group over and just had a little get together and the babies played. I sorted out some picnic food, cakes, and crisps and little snacks for everyone to have. I did have some photos for you but I managed to mess up the camera and they only came out in black and white! Don't ask! lol! Once again Mia was really spoilt by everyone she is one very lucky girl! After everyone left at around 2.30pm Mia was so tired she crashed out for a far few hours! 
We had such a brilliant day, I enjoyed every moment of it with my gorgeous little girl! 

Thank You For Reading! 

Lots of Love



  1. I'm planning to tackle a birthday cake for my daughters birthday. It's a very daunting task your brave for tackling and you turned out a cake that looked and tasted good. If mine turns out like that I will be happy!

  2. Lol It is hard work! I think it would of been much better if i had all the right things to decorate like the for the paws and things! lol! Good luck! I would love it if you send me a final pic of what you did!!? :) X


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