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18 July 2014

June Favourites

Hello Lovelys! 
How are you doing? Things at home have been a little bit stressful lately, so thats why I have been a  bit distant from my blog and talking to you lovelys! I'm back though and I am putting my all in to you guys! :) Thank you for still reading, it means the world to me. 
I am a little late with my June favourites, but don't worry it is here! :) 

1. Cath Kidston - Bluebell Body Wash 250ml
I love this it smells so lovely but isn't too strong and it feels really creamy when you apply it to your skin. It was a gift from my mum a little while ago and I have only just started using it. I think it is around £10 to buy.

2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml
I picked this up when I was in a rush and suddenly remember I needed shampoo, and it was on offer! I know that really doesn't sound too good, but trust me if your hair is dry at all this is a must buy for you. It has a blend of coconut oil and coco butter in it, which you can smell straight away. I found it left my hair so soft and shiny. For each bottle you are looking at between £2.50 - £3.00.

3. Toffifees
I have seen these in the shops before but never picked them up, but my boyfriend brought a couple of packs home for me. Oh my god after my first one I was hooked, they are so yummy. I couldn't stop myself grabbing one whenever I walked past them!  If you haven't tried this you must!

 4. L'Oreal Glam Bronze - Blonde Sun
I got this bronzer after seeing it on another blog, I need something which wasn't going to be too dark or orangey. It is really lovely to use and goes on as light or dark as I want it to. I use love that it doesn't have lots of shimmer in it, there is a tiny amount but it is almost a matt colour. I found it in Superdrug for £7.99.

5. Pretty Little Liars - Season 5
This isn't really a June Favourite but an all time favourite of mine. I have been watching Pretty Little Liars online since it first started in 2010! I am still hooked...I watch it online as the UK hasn't been showing it for very long and I am really ahead of it. It is a series about a teenage murder mystery, which an anonymous 'A' knows all of the girls secret after they friend goes missing. That is properly not the best description to draw you in from me though.  It has recently started Season 5 and I look forward to a new episode every week. If you haven't seen any then you should jump online and start watching, I guarantee you will be hooked. I told a close friends of mine this a few weeks ago and guess what now she is, and working her why through the first season! :)

So that is my June Favourites, do you have any favourites for this month? I would really love to hear about them if you do!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


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