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04 July 2014

Action For Children!

Hello Lovely's, 

How was your week? Did you get up to much? I had a week of doing bits and bobs so nothing exciting! This is going to be a different post than usual, I want to talk to you about something that has become close to my heart recently.

I don't know how many of you have heard about a children's charity called Action For Children. They are a charity who supports vulnerable and neglected children and young people throughout the UK. This charity works with over 300,000 children, young people, parents and cares each year, running 650 services across the UK and helping to tackle issues like child neglect and abuse. 
Action for Children run a huge amount of classes, courses and groups, for parents and children to attend of all ages! It is endless the amount of things this charity does for everyone! You can find out so much more on their website than I can tell you in this little post! (Which is linked above & at the bottom of the post.)

I had never heard of them before having my daughter, after having her I decided I wanted to start attending some groups to be able to meet new mums. They run groups for all different ages, and they only ask for donations. Mia and I have been going to a sensory class on a friday afternoon (as well as many more) which was open to all ages 0-5 years old each week there was all sorts of fun activities set out to play with and try. Unfortunately there wasn't enough donations coming in to cover resources to continue running this group. Which is really sad, this is what made me want to do this post. :(

All of there support workers, volunteers, and centre organisers, everyone is so helpful, supportive, caring and just lovely to be around. I have never been to so many different classes which are always so welcoming and friendly. I really think more people need to know about the amazing work that they actually do. 

I have written this post just because I want people to be aware of the hard work coming from these charities and I feel like it's so sad that they aren't getting enough to keep running some of these amazing classes and groups which are supporting mums, dads and the whole family!  
The great thing about supporting them is that if you head to their my action for children website you can enter your postcode and it will bring up all the local projects in your area which need your support! Not only that, they will keep you updated on how that project is coming along, so you know what is being done with your money, it isn't just disappearing! :) 

I am not saying please donate, (but please do if you can and want to) but go to their site and help make more people aware! 

I just want to say Thank You to all the lovely ladies that Mia and I see, the support, advice and even just the friendly faces completely change our week! So Thank you so much Action For Children!

Thank you for taking your time to read!

Lots of Love!



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