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27 June 2014

Vaseline's Top Secrets!

Hello Lovely's,

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine. In my April favourites one of my items was vaseline, part of the reason for this was because it has so many uses! I promised I would do a post on just how many things you can actually use vaseline for so here you go! :)

1. Lip Balm - just apply a little bit with your finger.

2. Use it around the rim of nail varnish bottles if you struggle with them getting stuck shut.

3. Rub a tiny amount on your wrists when applying your perfume as it will help the scent stick around.

4. Dab a little bit round your hair line before dying your hair, it will stop you getting those embarrassing hair colour stains on your skin.

5. Rub it around your cuticles to stop them drying out if you don't have any cuticle oil.

6. Apply to the heels of your feet and then put a pair of socks on, just b.fore bed and leave over night, it makes your feet super soft.

7.  Put it on to your eyelashes at night to help your lashes grow and also appear thicker.

8. Before applying fake tan rub into dry areas of your body, like your ankles, knees and hands, to stop streaking.

9. Put a little bit on your earrings before putting them in your ears, this stops you getting those sore ears you get with cheaper earrings!

10. Add sugar or sea salt to vaseline to give you a great body scrub.

So these are just a few of the ways you can use vaseline, I could of gone on and on with different ideas! Hope this gives you a couple! Let me know if you have any other great vaseline tricks! :)

Thanks for reading

Lots of love!



20 June 2014

What's In My Happy Nappy Bag?

Hello Lovely's,
I really like seeing the whats in my handbag posts but since becoming a mummy I hardly ever get to carry a handbag! It's always just the good old nappy bag! :)  I thought I would mix it up a little bit and do a What's in my Nappy Bag! :) For all you mama's or soon to be mama's here is a little insight to what is in our nappy bag!

Storksak Changing bag

1. Nappies - Pampers
2. Nappy Bags
3. Spoon
4. Snacks
5. Change of clothes for Mia
6. Shopping hook
7. Lip balm
8. Bottle - milk
9. Beaker
10. Lip Stick
11. Wipes
12. Hair Clip
13. Keys
14. Purse - Ted Baker (of course) :)
15. Toys
16. Pens
17. Suncream
18. Tissues
19. Teether
20. Teething Gel (which you can only just see!)

I do quite often carry other things like my diary, a bib, that kinda of thing but it wasn't in the bag this time so I left it as it was. I didn't think you would want to see all the run away puffits Mia has tipped out of the bag! Hehe!
Here is some picture of the inside of my bag! I love my Storkesak bag it is great, there is so much space in it and it has got so many pockets! :) It came with a changing mat and a bottle bag!

Well I really hope you liked this post.
Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


13 June 2014

Pinteresting Pinterest Pins!

Good Evening Lovely's... 
This week has felt like it has gone on and on...I felt super busy but yet accomplished nothing! Please tell me I am not the only person that has weeks like this?! How was your week?

For those of you that have had a look on my Pinterest account you will know I am Pinterest mad, I can spend hours on there! So I thought I would use some of my time to tell you what the best Pinterest tips 'n' tricks are that I have found in my hours of pinteresting!.....

I have linked the Pinterest page at the start of each one....Here we go:

1. Spray your tights with hairspray to prevent runs (ladders!) I never knew this but it sounds like maybe it would work, have any of you tried it? 

2. Super Smooth Legs - Shave your legs and then rub with a sugar scrub and shave them again. This removes dead skin after shaving and helps make your legs extra smooth. I kept thinking surely it works the same if you just exfoliate before shaving but surprisingly it really does make a difference!

3. Birthday Bedroom Balloons, I saw this and instantly fell in love with it! The idea of filling Mia's bedroom full of balloons while she is asleep and seeing her face when she wakes on her birthday filled me with excitement! I am going to have to make it a birthday tradition!

4. Make double hangers using drinks can, ring pulls. When I saw this I thought it was a really good idea especially if you find your wardrobe filling up.

5. All day lasting perfume - This shows you all the places to apply your perfume to make it last longer, but to me this seems like a lot of places to put your perfume in the morning, I'm more a wrists and neck kinda girl. However if you have an all day event, this could be something to try out to make your perfume last just a little longer. 

6. Chocolate Croissants - Each time I see these my mouth waters...Using the Just-Roll Croissants all you do is add a carmel egg in the centre and cook! Heaven in 10 minutes.

  7. Little Girls dress up - I love this for a little girl, a long rail with all her dress up clothes hanging up and i'd put a big mirror so they can see themselves wearing the princess dresses in it!

8. Lemonade bags - This is such a simple but fantastic idea for the beach or days out. Frozen lemonade in a bag with a straw in it already then as the day goes on it will defrost.

9. Chocolate Dishes - Chocolate bowls made by blowing up a balloon and dipping it in melted chocolate then allowing it to dry! Great for a posh dessert! 

10. Quiet Doors - I keep saying I need to make one of these for each of the upstairs doors at home. They slide round the handle on each side and stops the door clicking shut when you close it! Perfect when you have a little one that is super nosey if she hears someone near her bedroom.

So there you go, they are ten of my favourite pin's! I thought this would be so easy to pick pin's which I really liked but it was actually really difficult to decide and it has taken me ages to write this post! :) 
Do you have any favourite pin's? Or people you like to follow on Pinterest?

Thank you for reading! 
Lots of Love
Chrissy x

06 June 2014

May Favourites!

Hello Lovely's,
I can not believe we are already in June, May completely disappeared for me! I found my May favourites really difficult to pick, but I think that is because of how fast I felt the month went past. I have managed to pick a few for you though. 

1. Skin Doctors Ingrown Go - This was recommended to me by a close friend of mine who works in a local salon in Basingstoke - Eloquin Health & Beauty. I was having some waxing done and really suffering with ingrown hairs. All you do is apply it to a cotton wool pad and then wipe over the problem area. I started off using this twice a day and within two days I really notices a difference, there wasn't any red, sore spots anymore and even hairs which has started to become ingrown weren't anymore! I still use this even if I am not having waxing done and using it once a day after a nice hot bath has been working wonders.  I brought this directly from my friend but you can buy it from Feel Unique for £10.95.

2. Primark Shorts - I know the weather is extremely confused right now, but when we had that little tiny heat wave, I was dying for some shorts which weren't what I had left from last year went I was 8 months pregnant! So I popped in to my local Primark Shop and found these shorts, they are kind of like jeans but a lot softer and stretcher. They had them in loads of different colours and I have to admit, I ended up buying them in Light Denim, Green, and Peach! They cost me £5.99 each, I have found them so comfortable and they all go with most things. I would be living in these right now if the weather decided to put its hat back on, Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, just incase you didn't know what I was chatting about! hehe!

3. Maybelline Falsies Mascara Flared Black - I have to jump on the band wagon with this mascara, since I brought it, I have seen so many reviews online and from other bloggers about how much they love it. It is so good, it covers all your lashes so easily and gives you a really stunning look. I normally find my mascara starts to go all bitty and leaves little black crumbs as the day goes on but this one stays put all day until I remove it myself. You can pick it up at all major drugstores, Superdrug, Boots, Tescos, for around £7.99.

4. Apricot Blossom Fragranced Infuser - I found this in Next, it is Apricot Blossom with Mango and Mandarin. It smells so lovely and fruity, they had loads of different scents to choice from and they all were only £5.00. I've had it a few weeks now and it still gives off a gorgeous smell.

5. Glam Glow - Last but by no means least has to be my pot of Glam Glow, I know have recently reviewed this but I love it! It so good! I found it on Zest Beauty for £33.95, which is a great price. It is so worth it!

These are my May Favourites, do you have any? Could you suggest any of your own must buys for this month for me to try out?

Thank you for reading!
Hugs & Kisses


03 June 2014

A Little About Me

Hello Lovely's....Hope your well?

I know it's not a friday, it's ok I haven't got baby brain, well not right not anyway! I really wanted to do a blog post for you, that tells you all more about me and my life.
You already know I'm Chrissy and I am 24 years young. I live in Fleet, Hampshire and have done all my life. I have a daughter called Mia who has just turned 9 months old. She is the best thing to ever happen to me, and she is turning into such a little character. Mia starting crawling about three weeks ago, which, for all of you mums out there with little one's you know, has made her such a handful. Pulling at everything and anything which she is able to get her hands on, and finding things that I wasn't even aware was there! She was born weighing 6.4 lbs in August 2013. Here's a few pictures, I can't believe how much she has changed and grown up in such a short space of time.

20 week scan, few hours old, about a week old, about a month and a bit old and 8 months old!

I am a fully trained Beautician and Nail Technician, I have always had my foot in the beauty industry but I was actually working within the mobile phone industry full-time until only a month ago when my maternity leave ended. During my maternity leave I had been keeping up to date with a few blogs, I was reading and even watching some youtube vbloging that is what pushed me on to start this blog.

My friend's would tell you, I'm loud, slightly nuts but would bend over backwards to help out anyone. I am a real girls girl, I love disney films, Tinkerbell has always been my favourite it was my nickname as a little girl, fairy's, nail varnish, the colour green, the smell of fresh cut grass (it reminds me of my dad), films (of all sorts), baking, Pinterest, makeup, photography, milk bottle sweeties (the ones with the powder on them) and just having fun with Mia and enjoying every moment I can with her.
There are a few things I hate, the dentist, Spiders, and empty sweet wrappers that have been put back into the tub, makes me angry just thinking about it! Wet feet like when you stand in a puddle by accident or you only have socks on and you stand in the knocked over dog bowl!
So that is a little bit about me for you, hopefully you enjoyed reading it!

I am willing to share all my thought, feeling, ups and downs with you lovely's and I want to listen to all of yours as well so please share! :)

Is there anything else you would like to know?

Thank You For Giving Me Your Time.

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