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28 May 2014

Spa-tacular Birthday Sparkles

Hello Lovely's,
How are you all?

On Monday evening I took my younger cousin to Nirvana Spa in Wokingham for a birthday treat! We have always been very close, she is like the little sister I never had, so I wanted to spoil her. Three of us went, myself, my cousin Beth and my friend Sam. It was a really girly evening, and we all had such a great time. We all met up at mine before going and did a few girly home treatments, manicures, pedicures, and a few non-alcoholic cocktails!

At 5.00pm I drove all of us to the spa, we booked in and got our bathrobes! I love their dressing gown's they are so comfortable and snuggly. When you check in they give you a swipe card which you use to apply all your charges to, like dinner, drinks, cakes, products etc. Then we made our way through to the changing rooms to get into our swim suits, flip-flops and wrap up in our dressing gown's! :) 

We headed for the Celestial Pool, which is a huge pool like a swimming pool but with lots of different jets all the way around it and even small benches to sit on in the water. We spend ages in here chatting and putting the world to right. They have recently had huge renovations and so much has changed, we discovered where the steam room was on the way out of there! It really does look and flow so much better since having the renovations done! Next we went in the Jacuzzi, which was actually really full but there was just enough room for our little butts! :) After spending well over half an hour gossiping and talking about everything on the planet, it was definitely time for dinner!

Omg dinner was to died for, Sam and I both had the new Chefs Grill and Salad, which gave you the option of having a few hot things (stir fry, chicken, fish) and the largest array of pasta, fruit, veg, and mixed salads you could ever imagine! As you can see it really was amazing and you could go up as many times as you wanted! Oh yes! :) I think secretly Beth might of been slightly envious, as she picked Farfella Pasta in a wild mushroom and goats cheese sauce, but even this was so mouth watering! Once we had all had our fill of delicious food, we picked our cakes to reserve for later on! Yummy...my mouth is watering just thinking about our cakes!

Now for what I would say is my favourite part of visiting the spa once we have had our non-stop chatting sessions....The Tepedarium Heated Loungers! THEY ARE HEAVEN! It is a silent room with slightly dimmed lights and a waterfall and heated ceramic loungers! I could be in there for hours! :) After we had all completely relaxed we went back for our cakes, during which time I was sneaky enough to organise for Beth's cake to have candles put on it! hehe!

We all really enjoyed our evening out and it was so much fun having sometime to chat to some of my favourite people and have a little bit of me time as well. If you want to book your own spa evening at  Nirvana Spa all the information is on the website, just click the name! Sorry the pictures aren't great and I wasn't able to take many.

Thanks for reading!


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