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10 September 2017

Buying School Uniform!

With Mia starting school I have had the excitement of having to plan all her uniform and deciding what we wanted her to wear and where to buy it from. We have been lucky enough that we don't have to buy Mia's school uniform directly from the school, so straight away that saves a lot of money and opens up a lot of possibilities. I ended up picking up pieces of Mia's uniform from here, there and everywhere. It is surprising how many things she actually needs for starting school, what with her uniform and her pe kit.

Extra Uniform and PE Kit
Black Plimsoles - Morrisons - £3.00
Tracksuit Top & Bottoms - Primark - £8.00

I was really impressed with the array of options for school uniform when I started looking at places to buy Mia's, most places were really affordable and great quality as well. I was pleased with all of the different places we bought things, in the end, to put together her full first school uniform.

Is there a particular place you purchase the kid's school stuff from or are you like me and end up getting things from here and there?

Lots of Love

Chrissy x


01 September 2017


If you have been anywhere near Instagram lately, you are more than likely to of seen something about Spacemasks! I had been seeing them popping up everywhere, on online, in magazines you name it. Everyone has been raving about them, saying they are fantastic and change the way you sleep! My sleep has been all over the place lately and my brain just won't switch off at night, so seeing these had me really intrigued.


18 June 2017

Afternoon Tea at Hotel du Vin

Back in April, it was my friends 30th birthday, we don't get to catch up very often so we said we would make an afternoon of it. After a lot of to and throwing, we decided afternoon tea would be our best option. I didn't want to go somewhere too local or too normal, we wanted to find somewhere fun and unique. After spending some time scrolling the internet trying to find a place for us to go, I came across Hotel du Vin at Henley-on-Thames. Henley-on-Thames is about a 40-minute drive from where I live so it was just right for somewhere different.

Hotel du Vin looked perfect for what we wanted it looked like a nice place and the afternoon tea looked really good. I booked us a table in few weeks in advance but it was midday on a Friday, during term time, so there was no trouble booking.

We arrived about 12.00 for our booking at 12.30, we were blown away, it was a beautiful place. We were really lucky too as the weather was perfect and the sun was shining, so we picked a table outside as it was so beautiful in the courtyard area.


13 April 2017

Naturelle Cosmetics - Coffee Body Scrub*

One of my favourite feelings is how your skin feels so clean and fresh, after using a really good body scrub. So when I received an email asking if I would like to try out Naturelle Cosmetics coffee body scrub I was straightway very excited. 

I've not tried out a coffee scrub before but I have heard that there are a lot of skin benefits that go along with using them. The Naturelle Cosmetics list a number of benefits to your skin on the website. Here are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy:
•Minimised Cellulite - Cellulite is a headache to many women. Though workouts can remove them, Naturelle Cosmetics’ Cinnamon Vanilla coffee scrub will help you eliminate them naturally and easily. The scrub will minimise cellulite appearance by tightening your skin and stimulating blood flow.

• Skin brightening - the caffeine in the coffee has amazing skin brightening properties. In this product, the caffeine helps in stimulating blood circulation leading to a more radiant and glowing skin complexion. With this product, you will manage to brighten your skin without attracting harmful side effects.
• Exfoliating - dead skin cells are the main reason your skin will appear old and unattractive. With this product, this will never be a problem. Naturelle Cosmetics’ Cinnamon Vanilla has amazing exfoliating properties that eliminate the buildup of dead skin cells. This will keep your skin looking young and fresh always.

• Improved circulation - with the inclusion of several antioxidants as ingredients, the product improves the blood circulation in the skin tissue. It allows for the supply of essential nutrients to the skin to keep it healthy and in good condition.

When I recieved the scrub I was really unsure of how to go about using it, as I was expecting it to be pretty messy, but I have to admit it wasn't as bad as I expected at all. My skin felt amazing afterwards and it was also left feeling moisturised and soft.

I wasn't that keen on the smell of the coffee scrub I recieved or the smell left behind on my skin, it was cinnamon vanilla, but I am not overly keen on the smell of cinnamon, so I am sure if it was a different scent then it would be fine. When I first looked online at it I did think it was quite pricey but now I have started using it, a little goes a long way so out of one oacket you get alot of uses.

Over all my skin felt lovely and I will defently continue to use this coffee scrub.

Thanks for reading.
Lots of Love 
Chrissy x

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